What Exactly Is Costco Next, and Is It Worth Using?

What Exactly Is Costco Next – and Is It Worth Using? As a Costco member, you’re likely familiar with the warehouse chain’s impressive selection of products and bargains.

What Exactly Is Costco Next
What Exactly Is Costco Next

However, there’s a lesser-known service that could potentially save you thousands of dollars: Costco Next.

This hidden gem is a shopping portal that grants Costco members access to exclusive discounts on a wide range of popular brands, extending the retailer’s already vast inventory.

Key Takeaways

  • Costco Next is a shopping portal offering discounts on popular brands for Costco members.
  • It provides access to products not typically found in Costco warehouses or online.
  • While savings can be significant, it’s essential to research and compare prices before purchasing.
  • Costco’s return policy and customer service don’t apply to Costco Next purchases.

What Exactly Is Costco Next?

At its core, Costco Next is an extension of Costco’s inventory, granting members the opportunity to purchase directly from specific brands at discounted prices. Think of it as a way to get “Costco prices” on products beyond the warehouse shelves.

The range of brands and products available on Costco Next is vast, spanning categories such as:

  • Cookware and kitchen tools (e.g., Viking, Cangshan, GreenPan)
  • Camping and outdoor gear (Klymit, Body Glove Watersports)
  • Home improvement (Gorilla Playsets, Golden Arowana Floors)
  • Beauty and personal care (butter London)
  • Luggage and travel accessories (Briggs & Riley, Bagallini)
  • Electronics and charging solutions (Anker)
  • Security equipment (Lorex)

And the list goes on. With new brands and products constantly rotating, Costco Next offers a treasure trove of deals waiting to be discovered.

The Potential Pros of Using Costco Next

While the concept of Costco Next may seem intriguing, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s genuinely worth exploring. Let’s dive into some of the potential pros that could make it a valuable resource for savvy shoppers.

Steep Discounts up to 40% Off

One of the most compelling reasons to shop on Costco Next is the substantial discounts on offer. According to the articles, some brands offer discounts as high as 40% off their regular retail prices. For instance, Viking cookware sets were available at up to 40% off, while Alder & Oak fruit trees were discounted by 20%, and Nomatic backpacks were 25% off.

These kinds of savings can quickly add up, especially for big-ticket items or when making multiple purchases.

Access to Hidden or Out-of-Stock Items

Interestingly, Costco Next sometimes provides access to items that may be out of stock or even unavailable on the brands’ regular websites. The articles mention instances where products were listed as out of stock on the brand’s site but still available through Costco Next.

Moreover, some brands appear to offer exclusive products or variations solely through the Costco Next portal, potentially giving members access to unique offerings not found elsewhere.

No Restrictions on Credit Card Usage

If you’ve ever shopped at a Costco warehouse or online, you’ve likely encountered their restrictions on credit card usage. In-store purchases can only be made with Visa cards, while online orders are limited to Visa and Mastercard.

However, when shopping through Costco Next, you’re essentially checking out directly with the brand, bypassing Costco’s payment limitations. This means you can freely use any credit card you prefer, opening up opportunities to maximize rewards or take advantage of special financing offers.

Drawbacks to Consider Before Diving In

While the potential savings and perks of Costco Next are undoubtedly enticing, it’s essential to approach this service with a critical eye. Here are some drawbacks to keep in mind:

Prices May Not Reflect Regular Brand Sales or Promotions

While the discounts on Costco Next can be substantial, it’s crucial to remember that the prices listed may not always reflect the brand’s current sales or promotional offers. For example, one article mentioned that an Anker charger was cheaper on the brand’s website when factoring in a promotional code.

This highlights the importance of comparing prices across multiple sources before making a purchase to ensure you’re truly getting the best deal.

Limited Selection Compared to Brands’ Regular Websites

Another potential downside is that the selection of products available on Costco Next may be more limited compared to what’s offered on the brands’ regular websites. In some cases, the products listed may be different models or variations, making it challenging to find a specific item you’re looking for.

Costco’s Return Policy and Customer Service Don’t Apply

One of the significant advantages of shopping at Costco is their generous return policy and excellent customer service. However, when it comes to Costco Next purchases, these benefits do not apply.

Any issues, returns, or customer service needs must be handled directly with the brand or retailer that fulfilled your order. This means you’ll need to carefully review each brand’s return policies and customer service procedures before making a purchase.

Is Costco Next Worth It? A Balanced Perspective

After exploring the pros and cons of Costco Next, it’s clear that this service can be a valuable resource for Costco members looking to save money on popular brands. However, it’s essential to approach it with a balanced perspective and exercise due diligence.

For those willing to put in the extra effort of researching prices, policies, and order requirements, Costco Next can potentially yield significant savings, especially on big-ticket items or products not easily found elsewhere.

However, for those seeking a more straightforward shopping experience or prioritizing Costco’s renowned return policy and customer service, sticking with traditional Costco channels may be the better option.

Ultimately, the decision to use Costco Next will depend on your specific needs, budget, and willingness to invest time in research and comparison shopping.

How to Maximize Savings on Costco Next

Despite the potential drawbacks, Costco Next can still be a valuable resource for savvy shoppers willing to put in the extra effort. Here are some tips to help you maximize your savings:

  • Compare Prices Across Multiple Sources: Before making a purchase through Costco Next, take the time to compare prices across the brand’s website, other online retailers, and even brick-and-mortar stores. This will ensure you’re truly getting the best deal available.
  • Look for Valuable Items or Big-Ticket Purchases: While the discounts on Costco Next can apply to a wide range of products, you may find the most significant savings on higher-priced items like appliances, outdoor gear, or home improvement products. The larger the purchase, the more substantial the potential savings.
  • Read Return Policies and Order Requirements Carefully: Since Costco’s policies don’t apply to Costco Next purchases, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the return policies and order requirements for each brand or retailer. Pay close attention to any restocking fees, time limits, or specific conditions that may apply.


Costco Next offers a unique opportunity for Costco members to access exclusive discounts on popular brands. While the potential savings are enticing, it’s essential to approach Costco Next with a critical eye, comparing prices, understanding policies, and ensuring the deals align with your needs. For savvy shoppers willing to put in the extra effort, Costco Next can be a valuable tool in their money-saving arsenal.



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