How to Watch Apple’s March Event

If you are interested in How to watch Apple’s March Event, but you do not know where to watch it, then this article has you covered.

How to Watch Apple's March Event

Apple’s March event

A lot is expected from the Apple March 8 event, and we could actually see everything that we are expecting from a new iPhone and iPad to a new MacBook Air and a new 27-inch iMac. We are expected to see the debut of the upcoming generation of Apple silicon, the Apple M2, also at this event.

According to Techradar, their very own Lance Ulanoff even suspects that the teaser video that was tweeted out by Apple Exec Greg Joswaik might be a demonstration of Apple’s new Apple Glasses AR headset that we have been anticipating for a while now. If so, that would obviously be a pretty big deal.

According to Techradar, they would be covering the lead-up to the event with their Apple March event liveblog all week with analysis, expectations, and rumors, so make sure to keep out an eye for that over the next couple of days.

Given the number of products that we would see at the March 8 event, this is definitely going to be one that you would want to watch, so below I would be giving you how to watch the Apple March event live as it is happening.

How to watch Apple’s March 8 Event

If you are interested on how to watch Apple’s March 8 event, then you are in luck: the event has been embedded below. So once the event kicks off live, you can tag along as the events airs live.

You also can head to YouTube and watch the event live there. YouTube is another great place to stream the event without much hassle.

More places would be hosting the Livestream posted ahead of the event like Twitter and Facebook, so we would post links to those streams also once they are live.

Also, you can head over to the events page found on Apple’s site for more information, details and places to stream the event.


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