How to Fix the Apple ID Verification Failed Error

How to Fix the Apple ID Verification Failed Error. Are you encountering issues with your Apple ID? A lot of users are having issues when it comes to a verification error when trying to sign in to iCloud or other devices.

How to Fix the Apple ID Verification Failed Error

If you happen to be experiencing this message that reads, “There was an error that connects other services to the Apple ID server,” there are a few things that you get to try out in order for you to get your device up to speed.

The Apple ID verification error gets to occur on the iPhone and other Apple devices. To add to iCloud, a lot of other services that make use of Apple ID also get affected. Most times, the error would occur once or twice and then fix itself, but it actually may be persistent and require you to perform troubleshooting. Fortunately, tons of the methods for fixing the issue are quite simple, and would only take you a few minutes or two for you to complete.

How to Fix the Apple ID Verification Failed Error on an iPhone

Right before hopping to any lengthier forms of troubleshooting, there are a few quick steps that you would be required to check out first. You might have some issues signing into your Apple ID for a lot of reasons, and some of them would be on your end, but Apple might be experiencing some problems as well. Don’t make any changes to your phone settings before double-checking the following:

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet. It is best you connect to Wi-Fi instead of your mobile internet.
  • If your smartphone is connected to the internet, you should check out just how stable the connection is. In a situation with low transfer speeds or probably disconnections, Your Apple ID might have signed in at the wrong moment. You can check the Mobility of your connection using tools like Speedtest or simply just try to launch another app and see if it loads much fosters.
  • Sometimes, the issue might be with Apple themselves. The company has a system status website that would allow you to check out if the service that you prefer exists. If the service is having any issues, you can try to sign in again at a later time.

If you are making use of a much stable connection and Apple services are up and running, it’s time to check out some other fixes that might actually help out.

Apple ID Verification Failed error: Basic Fixes

A lot of users have managed to get these issues fixed with just some basic steps. You can start by trying out all the methods that I would be listed below and then move on to advanced options only if it’s required. Be sure that your Phone is connected to the Internet while you are troubleshooting because, after each attempt, you should try to make the Apple ID connection Again.

  1. First, check and update the time and date on your iPhone. You might be required to change it to a 24-hour clock as opposed to a 12-hour. This did the trick for some Apple Developers Forums.
  2. Be sure that your iOS is up to date. Phones that are yet to receive an update in a long time, can start malfunctioning. If you are not so sure about how to do this, then do not worry we have a guide on how you can update your iOS here. Mac users are expected to check out Apple’s guide on how to update their desktop or laptop.
  3. Sign out from the Apple Store, iTunes, and other apps that might be making use of the Apple ID.
  4. Restart Your Device
  5. Change the Password of your Apple ID
  6. Check and restart Your internet connection

One of these steps should be able to help you with your Apple ID issues. A lot of users out there have tried them out, and it worked well.


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