Steam Lunar New Year Sale is Live

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is live, but it would not be live for some time. If your bank account is still feeling hurt from various winter games sales that occurred this past holiday season, then you might need to hide your wallet Because Steam has once again arrived with another one.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale is Live

Valve began the steam Lunar New Year Sale today, and even though it would not last as long as the steam winter sale did, it looks like it would be offering a lot of discounts on PC games.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale is Live

All those that have been around for the past steam sales would likely know what to expect by now. While steam would be displaying new featured deals on their store’s homepage, each day discounts would be made available for the whole duration of the Lunar New Year Sale. The Sale is expected to run from today up until February 3, 2022, offering you’re a Whole Week to scoop up any available deal that you can catch with your eyes.

Actually, Valve offers some kind of carrot-on-a-stick promo in other to get people to hop in and out of the store during a sale, and this time is no different. Steam users get to claim a random Lunar New Year-themed sticker every day through February 3 by navigating to the steam points shops, which also is where you get to purchase a new year Profile background, icon animations, stickers, and chat emote with the points that you have managed to gather.

Sadly, there’s no trading card that you get to set along with the lunar New Year Sale, as those are generally reserved for the much larger summer and winter sales. It seems that the collectibles-obsessed among us would be required to settle for claiming the free sticker every day.

Featured Deals on Steam Lunar Sales

Some amazing featured deals that stick out include the DOOM Eternal for around $19.79 (67% off), Disco Elysium: The final cut is expected to be at $15.99 (60% off), pathfinder: wrath of the righteous for $39.99 (20% off), and Days Gone for $29.99 (40% off). Steam users also get to check out the steam homepage for game recommendations based on the titles that they get to play or dive into the interactive recommender in other to place specific filters on their search for a new game.

Well, unfortunately, some recent launches were not added to the sale this time around. Though that is not exactly shocking. Let’s say, the recent ports of God of War and Monster Hunter Rise are still available for purchase at a full price, while another recent release like the Forza Horizon 5 and the Halo Infinite campaign only comes with only small discounts (10% and 20%, respectively).

Lunar Sales Closing Date

Still, there are a lot of amazing deals for you to take advantage of, so just take a look at those wishlists and the front-page recommendations. The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is coming to an end this February 3, 2022, at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST.


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