Razer Unveils Its Futuristic Gaming Desktop Prototype

Razer unveils project Sophia which is its futuristic gaming desktop prototype at the CES 2022 event in Las Vegas.

Razer Unveils Its Futuristic Gaming Desktop Prototype

Razer Unveils Its Futuristic Gaming Desktop Prototype

It’s on record that Razer has always brought its bold gaming prototypes to CES over the years. And in prior year’s fans and enthusiasts have seen triple-screen laptops, pop-out touchpads, and modular desktops and laptops. However most of these ideas are just concepts and never came to life nor became actual products, but it is, however, a fun and exciting showcase for future tech ideas.

Razer’s latest prototype unveiled at CES 2022 is termed project Sophia. The company calls the project a “gaming desk concept.” Showing off a prototype such as this one at an event such as the CES is a tough one. And for now, only images of a 3D render of the main concept and a short video clip have been released.

All things considered, it looks fascinating, and precisely like the sort of costly chief-level toy I’d always be unable to manage or squeezed into my own place.

Razer Futuristic Gaming Desktop Prototype Design

The gigantic work area is particular, with the capacity to trade parts and highlights in and out on a case-by-case basis. In the example pictures, it’s joined to an enormous 65-inch OLED show, honestly one too huge to definitely sit that near. In any case, that is the reason it’s a 3D render of an idea – – you can do anything you desire assuming you’re not really fabricating it.

The Company’s Statement in Regards to Its Gaming Prototype

In the company’s statement, the desk can support close to 13 swappable modules. The company cited that, “This allows each section to be configured with an array of task-specific components, such as secondary screens, system monitoring tools, touch-screen hotkey panels, pen tablets, and audio mixer units, or even external capture cards.”

The idea is fueled by its own inherent Intel processor and Nvidia GPU, both housed in a little structure factor undercarriage that attractively connects to the lower part of the glass-bested work area. That makes it all the more a friend registering gadget rather than a work area, as even the most exceptional standing or gaming work areas needn’t bother with their own CPU.

Accessories That Can Be Incorporated with Razer’s Futuristic Gaming Concept

What sort of additional items would you be able to trade into Sophia? Razer says they can incorporate touchscreen digitizers, cameras, and receivers, THX sound modules, remote charging cushions, or even a cup hotter. Since it’s a product of Razer, it normally upholds Chroma lighting, which is the shading facilitated lighting framework that stumbles into practically all Razer products.

When Will Project Sophia Be Available To the Public?

Will project Sophia be available at any point in time in real life? Maybe not. Another question to ask ourselves here is this, are advanced gaming platforms becoming more important especially in a work-from-home type of setup or a hybrid world? It’s a big YES.

Personally, I would love to see many of these concepts and ideas become part of our worksurfaces or even accessories that make our desks even smarter.


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