TikTok Enters Partnership with Atmosphere

TikTok enters partnership with Atmosphere in a bid to deliver the videos of the platform to commercial places and venues. The deal entered between these two platforms will let gyms and restaurants access and view videos from the popular video streaming platform (TikTok).

TikTok Enters Partnership with Atmosphere

TikTok Enters Partnership with Atmosphere

It seems 2022 is kicking off in a very exciting mode as the TikTok video may be coming to restaurants and gyms near you soon.

On Wednesday, the short video app platform announced that it is entering a partnership to provide organized videos to platforms and venues such as Westin hotels, Texas roadhouse restaurants, and Taco Bell eateries. The companies cited that the deal with Atmosphere which is a streaming TV platform for businesses makes it the first time that user-generated content on TikTok will be made available on an out-of-home TV platform.

TikTok’s Press Release Regarding the Deal

In a statement, TikTok’s head of global business development, Dan Page said “TikTok has become a destination for more than a billion people to be entertained, get inspired and find community. By partnering with Atmosphere, we’re excited to make it easy for people to experience TikTok together by bringing the joy and creativity of our platform to new screens, venues, and audiences.”

This is not the first time TikTok is entering a deal to expand its reach via its videos. The company back in November announced it is partnering with Amazon, a deal that will let customers and users of amazon TV watch videos on Fire TV devices and Fire TVs.

Atmosphere Has Been Expanding Its Reach

Atmosphere however on the other hand has been expanding its platform too. The company has doubled the reach of its ad-supported type of streaming platform to 18,000 bars, gyms, restaurants, doctors’ offices, and many other venues globally.

Over 20 million users use the platform’s offerings every month which includes compilations of viral videos and also clips that highlighted things such as lifestyle, art, ambient nature, extreme sports, and lastly entertainment.


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