Eutelsat and Q-KON Launch Africa’s First OneWeb LEO Satellite Service

Eutelsat and Q-KON launch Africa’s first OneWeb LEO satellite service. Satellite network operator Eutelsat Group together with Q-KON, a South African satellite enterprise has now deployed the very first operational Eutelsat OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite service in the African continent.

Eutelsat and Q-KON Launch OneWeb LEO

Eutelsat and Q-KON Launch OneWeb LEO

A digital bank in South Africa, operating amidst the country’s trio of digital-only banking pioneers—TymeBank, Discovery Bank, and Bank Zero—has taken a leap forward in ensuring uninterrupted internet connectivity. This advancement comes through the installation of Q-KON’s Twoobii Smart Satellite Services, which guarantees a consistent internet speed of 50 Mbps, even in the face of ground-level hardware or power supply issues. This setup is designed as a reliable backup solution, crucial for maintaining stable internet connections vital for the bank’s operations.

The significance of this development lies in its potential to enhance connectivity for financial institutions across Africa, especially within the burgeoning digital banking sector. The Twoobii Low Earth Orbit (LEO) solution is noteworthy not only for its provision of dependable internet access but also for incorporating essential security features that safeguard the swift and secure transmission of sensitive financial data.

The Twoobii LEO Solution

By adopting the Twoobii LEO solution, the bank ensures continuity in its business operations amidst terrestrial challenges. The solution supports a range of operational and customer service processes, including branch management, intranet services, SD-WANs, Wi-Fi for staff and customers, data backhauls, and ATM services.

The Advancement and Connectivity of the African Banking Sector

This initiative marks a pivotal moment in the advancement and connectivity of the African banking sector, showcasing the effectiveness of the Q-KON Twoobii Eutelsat OneWeb solution within the financial services industry. It paves the way for future developments, promising improved connectivity and operational reliability for banks operating in the digital age.



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