Apple Could Add Satellite Connectivity to the Apple Watch Pro

Apple could add satellite connectivity to the apple watch pro but it may be not this year.

Apple Could Add Satellite Connectivity to the Apple Watch Pro

Apple Could Add Satellite Connectivity to the Apple Watch Pro

It shouldn’t be taking much time before the unveiling of the apple watch 8 and we just might as well be seeing another premium apple watch pro model make its debut alongside it. And if that’s the case then it would seem that Apple has great plans for this very particular wearable in question.

And as per the always reliable Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple has been in discussion in regards to adding satellite connectivity to its own line of smartwatches. That being said, it will be a premium feature that is suitable for a premium watch and it could also make a lot of sense for a future apple watch model.

There are however a lot of things we still do not know about the apple watch pro which has been given a host of names in the many leaks that we have seen so far, but the capability of it being able to ping satellites directly would be very useful in events where both cellular and Wi-Fi networks are not available.

Apple Seems To Be Positioning the New Smartwatch to Compete With the Big Players in the Industry

Apple seems to be positioning the new smartwatch model majorly as a rugged, outdoor-focused type of device with a tweaked design that could easily go head to head with the high-end smartwatches that Garmin produces for hikers and runners.

The Major Idea Behind the Satellite Connecting Features

The idea here is that a satellite hook would be generally used for “reporting major incidents in places without cellular service,” which is sounding exactly more like a feature that will be needed majorly by seasoned outdoor activities. This very feature also is said to be making its way to iPhones.

When Will the Functionality Make Its Way to Apple Devices?

One thing however is still not clear at the moment – and that is whether any of the functionality will make its way into the devices that apple is going to showcase at its September 7 event. It’s even possible that we will have to wait for a year or two for satellite-connected apple watches and Apple iPhones.


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