Google Opens Its Very First Africa Cloud Region in South Africa

Google opens its very first Africa cloud region in Johannesburg, South Africa and it is also now available for customer usage. With this new development, any business in the continent can now gain direct access to high-performance, secure as well as low latency cloud services.

Google Opens Its First Africa Cloud Region

Google Opens Its First Africa Cloud Region

At the second Google for Africa event in 2022, Google unveiled its ambitious plan to establish its first African cloud region in South Africa, specifically in Johannesburg. This strategic move is set to significantly enhance the African tech ecosystem by providing local businesses with access to advanced cloud resources. These resources include cloud storage, compute engines and key management systems, crucial for scaling operations, fostering innovation, and ensuring competitive parity on the global stage.

Google’s Commitment to Africa’s Digital Transformation

Google’s commitment to Africa’s digital transformation was further emphasized through its intention to collaborate with various organizations across the continent. This partnership aims to facilitate comprehensive digitalization, enabling businesses to leverage the full spectrum of cloud technology benefits.

With the addition of Johannesburg, Google’s global network expands to 40 cloud regions. This network serves as the backbone for delivering Google Cloud services across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. In line with this expansion, Google also announced the development of Dedicated Cloud Interconnect sites in key African cities, including Lagos, Nigeria; Nairobi, Kenya; and both Capetown and Johannesburg in South Africa. These sites are designed to seamlessly integrate users’ on-premises networks with Google’s extensive grid, thereby enhancing cloud capabilities throughout the continent.

The Significance of the Johannesburg Cloud Region

Niral Patel, Google Cloud Africa Director, highlighted the significance of the Johannesburg cloud region, noting that it is interlinked with Google’s highly secure and extensive network. This network features high-capacity fiber optic cable systems spanning underground and across seas globally.

A notable component of this infrastructure is the Equiano subsea cable system, which enhances connectivity between Portugal, Togo, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, and St. Helena, underscoring Google’s commitment to improving internet accessibility and cloud services in Africa.



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