Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle (ESSUN) 2024 in Australia (Up to $4,250)

Applications are open for the Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle (ESSUN) 2024, with up to sixty (60) scholarship awards available for eligible candidates aspiring to study at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle
Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle, Australia is considered one of the world’s most prestigious universities. It has a distinguished tradition of helping brilliant and driven students get into and succeed in their chosen fields of study, regardless of their background or unique situation.

Unlike other scholarships, the ESSUN Scholarship can be held alongside other, donor-funded scholarships. Hence, students are encouraged to apply for other awards of the university as long they’re eligible for it.

Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle (ESSUN) – Overview

Students at the University of Newcastle who are facing financial difficulties or other personal situations that are affecting their studies can receive scholarship aid through the Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle (ESSUN).

Students facing the following conditions are eligible for the award:

  • English language difficulty
  • Financial hardship
  • Career responsibilities
  • A medical condition, disability or effects of abuse
  • Regional or remote disadvantage
  • Sole parent responsibilities

ESSUN Scholarship Benefit

Successfully Selected applicants for the ESSUN scholarship, can expect the following benefits:

  • Recipients can expect between $2000 and a maximum of $4250 for the year depending on the recipient’s semester of offer, and study load.
  • Recipients will receive an initial payment of $500 following acceptance of their scholarship offer and enrolment with the University of Newcastle.
  • Each semester census date, the student’s study load will be reviewed and will take into account any courses undertaken in winter, summer, or trimester terms.
  • Successful Candidates will receive $1500 for semesters in which they study a full-time load (30 units or more), or $750 for semesters with a part-time load (20 units or less).
  • There may be an additional lump sum between $500 and $750 for students pursuing compulsory placement within the academic year.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for the prestigious Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle (ESSUN), you will need to:

  • Be currently enrolled in any year of the University of Newcastle’s undergraduate or enabling program.
  • Demonstrate financial struggles, which could indicate that you are eligible for a means-tested income assistance payment from Centrelink this year, or that you can provide evidence of financial hardship based on a thorough evaluation.
  • Hold an Australian citizenship or permanent residency status (which covers permanent residents of New Zealand).
  • You must not be holding an Indigenous Education Scholarship, Indigenous Accommodation Scholarship, or ESSUN.
  • You must not have previously been awarded a continuous equity scholarship for the whole term of your UON degree program.

How to Apply

Apply for the Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle (ESSUN) 2024 via this link: https://applications.newcastle.edu.au/scholarships/

Alternatively, visit the official website at https://www.newcastle.edu.au/scholarships/ESSUN_3000#top for detailed information


  • Selection of applicants is made in line with the amount of financing and scholarships available for each academic year, as well as after information submitted in the application has been evaluated.
  • The main criterion used to evaluate and rank applications is financial disadvantage about other areas of educational disadvantage. Offers of scholarships are given to those who best fit this requirement.
  • Notification of the application’s conclusion will be sent to both successful and failed candidates. A formal offer of the scholarship and information on how to accept it will be included in the mailings for those who are selected.


  • College of Engineering Science and Environment
  • College of Health Medicine and Wellbeing
  • College of Human and Social Futures

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Equity Scholarships Scheme University of Newcastle (ESSUN) 2024 is 24 February 2024.



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