EIT Food Competition 2024 for Fresh Ideas in Food Systems Innovation (Prizes Up to 3000€ In Cash) – APPLY NOW

Apply for the 2024 EIT Food Competition to start a revolutionary adventure that will improve the global food system. Can you picture your ideas having a global impact? If yes, use the 2024 EIT Food Competition to unleash your creative energy and generate original concepts.

EIT Food Competition 2024 for Fresh Ideas in Food Systems
EIT Food Competition 2024 for Fresh Ideas in Food Systems

Grab the opportunity to have a real influence and gain recognition for helping to create a food system that is suitable for the future and provides everyone with sustainable, healthful food. This contest provides you with an opportunity to directly contribute to the development of a resilient and sustainable food system.

EIT Food Competition 2024 – What to Expect

You will have the chance to present your proposal to a panel of experts and win a cash prize at the end of this course. You’ll also;

  • Recognize the worth of the possibilities that present themselves.
  • Determine, cultivate, and seize business possibilities
  • Describe a problem with the food system that has a sustainable remedy.
  • Analyze a target market to see whether there is room for a new product.
  • Organize resources to assist in adding value to the market
  • Put plans into action to start delivering a creative solution.
  • Send in your concept to receive comments.
  • The training is made to be adaptable to your requirements. Anyone interested in food, innovation, or addressing global issues should read it.


  • Each task category has three prizes: €1000 for first place, €750 for second place, and €500 for third place.
  • Each mission category’s top finisher will face off for the opportunity to win an additional €2000 as the EIT Food Champion reward.
  • The prizes cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash or any other kind of payment.
  • Publicity: Participants grant EIT Food permission to use their name, likeness, and entry for promotional purposes without obtaining additional money by entering the competition.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Participants in the competition must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • Entry Requirements: Students must finish the course’s first four portions. The competition portion, Section 5, asks you to make and submit four slides.
  • It is required of participants to have a current bank account in their name.
  • Every concept proposal needs to address these topics and be connected to one of the EIT Food missions.
  • Multiple application by an applicant is not allowed

How to Apply

Judging Criteria

All submissions will be assessed based on their quality in the four-course sections and their alignment with the mission’s overarching goals (see the EIT Food Mission Insight Reports). The judge’s ruling is definitive and legally enforceable.

Selection of Winners: In January 2024, EIT Food Education will appoint a panel of judges to determine the winners.

 Deadline for submissions:

December 31, 2023. After this date, entries won’t be taken into consideration.



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