EIT Climate-KIC Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge 2024 (up to €90,000 Grant) – APPLY NOW

Applications are currently ongoing for the 2024 EIT Climate-KIC Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge. As an increasing number of European cities commit to reducing carbon emissions at a rapid pace, sustainable transportation plays a vital role in the transition towards a net-zero carbon society.

EIT Climate-KIC Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge 2024
EIT Climate-KIC Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge 2024

For the second consecutive year, EIT Climate-KIC is organizing the Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge (previously known as the Climate Impact Challenge).

The goal of the challenge is to encourage European cities to propose ambitious and impactful projects that focus on decarbonizing transportation, enhancing local air quality, and promoting the adoption of active, shared, collective, and electric mobility options.

This initiative aims to support the shift towards cleaner, more sustainable, and people-centric transportation in alignment with the European Green Deal, Urban Mobility Framework, New European Bauhaus, and the EU Cities Mission.

Essential Information

  • Projects will be selected based on their potential for impact, learning opportunities, and replication in other areas, to foster positive change for the community and environment in the specific implementation location. These projects will contribute to the overall understanding and experience of transitioning cities to more sustainable transportation systems.
  • Examples are below:
  • Neighbourhoods with limited traffic or reduced emissions (LTNs) or neighbourhoods focused on promoting low emissions (LENs)”Initiatives promoting walking, cycling, and other forms of active transport.
  • Projects that promote shared mobility, public transportation, electric mobility, and sustainable logistics.
  • Parklets and greening initiatives that encourage and support active modes of travel.
  • The grants could be utilized in the following ways:
  • Providing funding or support for local projects or pilot projects led by the city.
  • Supporting cities in collaborating with NGOs or SMEs that are developing effective solutions to address specific mobility challenges.
  • Proposals can revolve around new ideas or initiatives, as well as elements of existing or emerging city programs/strategies that promote sustainable urban mobility. Cities should make an effort to complete their projects by July 2025. They encourage cities to submit a concise project proposal (maximum of 2,000 words) outlining the mobility problem or challenge they wish to tackle and the proposed action to address it.


  • Each project chosen from the cities will receive a grant of up to 90,000 EUR, which may vary based on the total number of proposals selected in the call. A maximum of five projects will be funded through this initiative.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Municipalities and urban areas, with a minimum population of 25,000, are in EU Member States. Horizon Europe Associated Countries1 (including the United Kingdom), and Switzerland meet the eligibility criteria for application.

Selection Criteria

The panel will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria and assign scores.

  • Proposal coherence (15 points)
  • Focus on impact (20 points): the project demonstrates a positive impact on both the environment and the well-being of individuals. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution. Decreasing the reliance on motorized transportation in a city or neighbourhood. Or improving accessibility to sustainable, safe, and affordable mobility options for citizens.
  • Learning and replicability (15 points): the project contributes new knowledge and expertise in promoting healthy and sustainable urban mobility. It also has the potential to be replicated, adapted, or expanded to other urban areas.

EIT Climate-KIC Sustainable Cities Mobility Challenge 2024- How To Apply

However, to submit your application, kindly fill out the provided application form and send your proposal to the email address specified at the bottom of the form.

For further details visit the official website.

       Application Deadline

       However, November 10, 2023 is the deadline. 



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