Davidson College Acceptance Rate 2023

Davidson’s College is a small, private liberal arts college that enrolls fewer than 2,000 students. Situated in a suburban setting, the campus of Davidson College boasts a scenic and charming atmosphere. Many of the buildings on campus serve as reminders of the college’s establishment in the early 1800s.

Davidson College Acceptance Rate

With over 20 fields of study offered, students at Davidson have a wide range of majors to choose from. Some of the most popular majors include Art, Biology, Economics, English, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Spanish.

Davidson College has a highly competitive admissions process, with an acceptance rate of 14.5%. Accepted students typically have impressive academic profiles, with an average SAT score ranging from 1,440 to 1,510 or an average ACT score between 31 and 33. For regular admissions, the application deadline is January 10th. However, students who wish to apply early decision can do so by November 15th.

Davidson College Acceptance Rate For the Class Of 2027

Davidson College is proud to extend a warm welcome to students from 41 states and territories, as well as 35 countries, who make up the vibrant Class of 2027. With an acceptance rate of 14.5%, Davidson College ensures a competitive yet inclusive admissions process.

It is noteworthy that the enrollment yield at Davidson College stands at an impressive 49.3%. This statistic speaks volumes about the appeal of the college and the ability to attract and retain students who are a perfect fit for the institution.

Davidson College Early Decision Acceptance Rate For Class Of 2027

In terms of early decision applicants, Davidson College received 1,005 applications from eager students. Among those, 338 deservedly earned their place in the early decision enrollment program. It is important to note that the early decision enrolled numbers include a range of student cohorts, such as QuestBridge, Posse Miami, Virtual cohorts, and individuals who have deferred their enrollment by one year.

These numbers reflect Davidson College’s commitment to creating a diverse and engaged community of learners, where students from various backgrounds come together to pursue their academic and personal goals.

What is Davidson’s SAT, ACT,  And GPA?

The SAT scores for the middle 50% of Davidson’s Class of 2025 range from 1310 to 1460, while the ACT scores fall between 30 and 33. The average high school GPA of this class is 3.81, and around 35% of students earned a perfect 4.0 GPA upon graduation.

Davidson College Class of 2027 Demographics

The distribution of students in the Class of 2027 at Davidson College can be categorized geographically as follows:

  • Mid-Atlantic: 15.5%
  • Midwest: 6.3%
  • Northeast: 14.3%
  • South: 35.9%
  • West: 15.8%
  • International: 12.2%

The breakdown of race and ethnicity among the student population is as follows:

  • International: 10.7%
  • White: 60%
  • Asian: 9%
  • Hispanic: 11.7%
  • African American: 7.1%
  • American Indian: 0.3%
  • Not reported: 1.2%

What is Davidson College Looking for?

The fact that more than 95% of Davidson students reside on campus is a significant factor in evaluating applicants. The college places importance on how well an individual will integrate both as an individual and within the larger student community. While academic achievement is valued, Davidson, like other liberal arts colleges, also takes a keen interest in understanding the person beyond their GPA and test scores.

Top liberal arts colleges such as Davidson seek applicants who possess qualities such as leadership, ambition, and creativity. In addition, the college places great emphasis on students who demonstrate a strong sense of morality and ethical responsibility. This is reflected in Davidson’s honor code, which establishes a standard of trust, collaboration, and community. The honor code is upheld not only by students but also by faculty and staff, and its influence can be felt throughout the entire Davidson experience.

How Does Davidson Rate Applicant?

Based on their 2020-2021 Common Data Set, Davidson College places a high level of importance on the following factors: course rigor, recommendation letters, character, and volunteer work. These factors are regarded to be of great significance in the admissions procedure.

Also, the college deems the following factors as important: the essay, extracurricular activities, and talent.

Furthermore, they take into consideration class rank, GPA, test scores, and legacy as part of their application review process.

However, they do not consider factors such as interviews, geographical residence, state residence, religious affiliation, or racial/ethnic status.

How To Get Into Davidson College

  • Attain a minimum GPA of 3.81 by excelling in rigorous coursework
  • Letters of recommendation hold significant weight in the admissions process at Davidson. To complete their application, students are expected to submit four letters of recommendation: one from a counselor, two from teachers, and one from a peer.
  • Discover your unique area of expertise or passion and emphasize your involvement in community service and volunteer work
  • Craft a compelling and captivating essay
  • You may want to consider submitting your application early by opting for the Early Decision option.
  • To apply to Davidson, click here

For more details visit Davidson College.

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