Holy Cross College Acceptance Rate 2023 – Admissions Tips And Requirements

The College of the Holy Cross, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a prestigious private liberal arts institution established in 1843. Its founders, Benedict  Joseph Fenwick and Thomas F. Mulledy, were educators who established the college under the guidance of the Society of Jesus. Holy Cross offers a four-year residential undergraduate program and boasts an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students.

Holy Cross College Acceptance Rate

The college provides a diverse range of academic opportunities, with 64 different programs to choose from, including interdisciplinary studies and customized majors in various liberal arts disciplines.

Admission to Holy Cross is competitive, with only 21% of applicants being accepted for the class of 2027. Notably, the college possesses one of the largest endowments among all liberal arts colleges in the United States and is recognized as one of the academically esteemed Hidden Ivies. To get a better understanding of Holy Cross University’s Acceptance Rate and admission process, keep reading.

Holy Cross College Acceptance Rate For The Class Of 2027

The College of the Holy Cross experienced a significant increase in the number of applicants during the 2023 admissions cycle compared to the previous year. This surge in applications set a new record for the college. In the previous admissions cycle, the college received 7,036 applications for the Class of 2026, whereas this year, the number rose to around 8,654 applications for the Class of 2027.

As a result, the college had an admission rate of 21% for this year’s pool of applicants. This represents a substantial increase in selectivity compared to the previous year, where the admission rate was 36% for the Class of 2026 and even lower at 43% for the Class of 2025. The 21% acceptance rate achieved this year is a remarkable achievement for the college, as it marks the lowest acceptance rates in previous years, with rates of 33% in 2013-2014 and 34% in 2019-2020. Below is the summary of recent  years acceptance rate:

  • Class of 2027: 21%
  • Class of 2026: 36%
  • Class of 2025: 43%

What is the required SAT, ACT, And GPA of Holy Cross College?

The submission of standardized test scores is optional, but they do accept self-reported test scores on the Common Application or Coalition Application. At Holy Cross, they consider the highest scores from both the SAT and ACT tests when evaluating applicants.  Among enrolled students, 19% submitted ACT scores and 40% submitted SAT scores. The average composite ACT score for enrolled students is 30, with 61% of students scoring between 30-36. The average composite SAT score is 1330, with 49% of students scoring between 1200-1399.

In order to meet the academic requirements, students are expected to achieve a minimum grade of B in their foundational courses, maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their major, and maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. However, there is flexibility in these GPA requirements under certain circumstances. If a student has a special circumstance, shows significant improvement, or receives support from the education faculty, the GPA requirements may be waived. In such cases, evidence of the decision must be recorded and included in the student’s application file.

Holy Cross College Admission Requirements

The complete TEP application comprises several components:

  • Application fee of $60
  • Application form
  • Personal statement: This is where you have the opportunity to convey your passion for the subject you wish to teach and explain the values and life lessons you hope to impart to your future students. You can upload this statement directly to the application.
  • Unofficial transcript: You are required to email yourself a copy of your unofficial transcript through STAR and then upload it to the application.
  • Two letters of recommendation: It is recommended to include at least one letter from a faculty or administrative member at Holy Cross. Ideally, the second letter should be from someone outside of the education department. Education faculty members will complete a separate form as part of the application process.
  • Interview: Applicants will be provided with a link to a calendar where they can sign up for an available slot for an interview. There will be designated times for these interviews.

Holy Cross College Application Tips

  • At Holy Cross, the admissions team understands that applicants come from diverse high schools. As a result, each application is reviewed individually, taking into account the academic opportunities available at your specific school.
  • You are highly encouraged to pursue a challenging academic curriculum during your time in high school, including your senior year.
  • The evaluation process primarily focuses on your academic performance within the classroom. Consequently, submitting standardized test scores is optional. Opting not to submit your scores will not put you at a disadvantage during the admissions process.
  • You can begin your application by clicking on the apply button.

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