How to Add Friends on Animal Crossing

If you are a fan of Animal Crossing, then stay tuned because I would be giving you details on how to add friends on Animal crossing and more. This article would explain in detail how to add friends to animal crossing: New Horizons, plus how to add friends on Switch.

How to Add Friends on Animal Crossing

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How to Invite Friends to your Village

Adding friends on the Animal crossing is a straightforward process once the game enables you to do that. First, you need to get people invited to your village right before you can add them as friends on the game itself.

  1. On the Nintendo Switch, launch the animal crossing
  2. Then travel straight to the bottom half of your island and then enter Dodo’s Airlines
  3. talk to Orville who is a worker on the Airline desk
  4. select I want visitors
  5. you can choose to invite friends via local play or via online play
  6. Select roger
  7. The choose to invite all my friends or invite them via Dodo code
  8. Then, the friends you invited would be able to wander around your island, enabling you to interact with them.

Add Friends on Animal Crossing Once they have Visited You

Once you have visited your town at least once, you would be able to add them as a Nintendo Switch friend as described below. That also means that you would be able to add them as one of your animal crossing best friends.

Follow the steps stated below if you are interested in making someone your best friend.

  1. Right on the animal crossing, launch your Nook phone by tapping on ZL.
  2. Then tap “Best Friends List”
  3. Select one name from the list that you want to add
  4. Tap “Ask to be best friends
  5. Once they have accepted your invitation, they get to explore your island and do whatever they want. Also, you can message them regularly.

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Add Friends on Animal Crossing Through the Nintendo Switch

If you prefer to add someone as a friend from outside of animal crossing and make them a friend on your Nintendo Switch, you can. Ideally, you would need your friend’s Nintendo Switch code to get this done. However, you can search via other methods.

Follow the steps stated on how to add a friend on your switch:

  1. On your Nintendo Switch, tap your user profile picture
  2. Tap “add friend”
  3. Tap “Search with friend code”
  4. Then enter your friend’s code
  5. Then send the friend request and wait for them to get it accepted
  6. Once accepted, you can now invite them more easily within animal crossing.

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How do I Remove Friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

To remove your friends on Nintendo switch, go to your user profile picture > Friend list. Choose a friend, then select options > Remove or Block.

How do you add Friends on Animal Crossing Mobile?

  • Add a friend using a player ID
  • Then send a friend request to a visiting player
  • Then send a friend request to other players that have visited your campsite or helped out in your garden
  • Search for and add friends from social networking services.

Can your Add Friends on Animal Crossing without Nintendo Online?

A majority of animal crossing: new horizons players will want to have a Nintendo online subscription if you are playing with anyone outside of your house.

How to Play with Friends on Nintendo Switch?

When someone on your friend list has invited you to join their game, you get to view and accept their invite by choosing your user profile in the top-left of the Nintendo Switch Home menu and scrolling down to online play invites.

Can I Find my Friend Code Online?

Select the user icon for your Nintendo account from the switch’s home menu. Select the profile section right from the section on the left-hand menu, and then you would see your friend code listed on the right side of the screen alongside other details on your account. And that is it.

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