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The admissions process for the Class of 2027 was incredibly competitive, among the toughest in history. However, this year’s applicants were exceptional, showcasing impressive academic records, leadership abilities, and a strong dedication to making a difference in society. With their unique viewpoints, creative thinking, and unwavering passion, the Class of 2027 is poised to make a lasting impact on our institution and beyond.

Class Of 2027 Admission Rate

As prestigious educational institutions worldwide unveil updates on their admission processes, let’s look deeper into the acceptance rates of the leading colleges and universities for the Class of 2027.

Top College Acceptance Rates

Schools Class of 2027 Admission Rate
Yale University4.50%
Williams College9.80%


William & MaryTotal: 33.00%

In-State: 39.00%

Out-of-State: 28.00%

Willamette University79.08%


Wesleyan University16.50%


Wellesley College13.00%


Washington University in St. Louis11.95%
Washington and Lee University17.36%
Wake Forest UniversityTBA
Villanova University20.50%
Vassar CollegeTBA
Vanderbilt University5.61%
University of Vermont60.00%
University of VirginiaIn-state: 26.86%

Out-of-state: 12.35%

University of Texas – AustinTBA
University of southern California9.90%
University of Richmond23.31%
University of Pennsylvania5.80%
University of Notre Dame11.90%
University of North Carolina – Chapel HillTBA
University of MichiganTBA
University of MiamiTBA
University of GeorgiaOverall: 35.10%

In-state: 47.66%

Out-of-state: 25.76%

University of FloridaTBA
University of Chicago5.00%
University of California – Santa Cruz47.06%
University of California – Santa Barbara25.86%
University of California – San Diego23.74%
University of California – Riverside68.14%
University of California – Merced90.41%
University of California – Los Angeles


University of California – Irvine21.00%
University of California – Davis37.53%
University of California – Berkeley11.56%
Tulane University


Tufts University9.50%
Trinity University               33.00%
Swarthmore College7.00%
Stanford University               TBA
Smith College20.00%
Sarah Lawrence CollegeTBA
Santa Clara University43.80%
Rice University7.88%
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTBA
Purdue University50.00%
Princeton UniversityTBA
Pomona CollegeTBA
Pitzer College16.70%
Pepperdine UniversityTBA
Olin College of EngineeringTBA
Oberlin College


College of Arts and Sciences: 32.92%

Conservatory of Music: 34.68%

Northwestern University               7.00%
Northeastern University5.60%
New York University8.00%
Mount Holyoke College  38.00%
Middlebury College  11.68%
Miami University – Ohio      83.35%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology4.80%
Macalester College27.55%
Loyola University Maryland               76.00%
Lehigh University28.49%
Lafayette College  31.40%
Johns Hopkins University               TBA
Howard UniversityTBA
Haverford College12.90%
Harvey Mudd College  TBA
Harvard University3.41%
Hamilton College  11.77%
Grinnell College


Georgia Tech               Total: 16.00%

In-State: 36.00%

Out-of-State: 12.00%

Georgetown University               13.00%
Fordham University54.30%
Florida State University               23.77%
Fairfield University               44.90%
Emory UniversityEmory campus: 10.65%


Oxford campus: 14.96%

Elon University67.00%
Duke University6.00%
Denison University               17.00%
Davidson College  14.50%
Dartmouth College6.23%
Cornell UniversityTBA
Columbia University               4.00%
Colorado College  21.00%
College of the Holy Cross20.00%
Colgate University               12.00%
Colby College7.00%
Claremont McKenna CollegeTBA
Case Western Reserve UniversityTBA
Carnegie Mellon University               11.00%
Carleton College  21.75%
California Institute of TechnologyTBA
Bucknell University


Brown University5.23%
Brandeis University35.00%
Bowdoin College  8.02%
Boston University10.70%
Boston College15.00%
Bates College               12.00%
Barnard College  8.00%
Babson College  20.00%
Amherst College9.00%
American University               44.00%

Why Acceptance Rates Are So Low

The Class of 2027 is facing intense competition for college admissions in the United States, resulting in lower acceptance rates at most colleges. There are several factors contributing to these low acceptance rates:

  • Some colleges have implemented a test-optional policy, leading to a higher number of applicants and increased competition for admission.
  • The growing popularity of the Common Application has made it more convenient for students to apply to multiple colleges, resulting in a larger pool of applications and subsequently lower acceptance rates.
  • Many colleges across the country are experiencing a rise in the number of applications they receive each year, making the admissions process increasingly competitive.

How to Get Into Top Universities

As acceptance rates at prestigious American universities continue to decline, gaining admission to the top colleges in the United States is becoming increasingly challenging. To improve your prospects of being accepted into an Ivy League institution, you should consider applying for early admission.

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