UCAS International Summer School 2024 in China (Funded) – Apply Now

The 2024 UCAS International Summer School in China is now open for applications. Students from all over the world can attend the fully funded  Summer School. With a great degree of integration with China’s affiliated scientific research organizations, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is a postgraduate research-focused university.

UCAS International Summer School

UCAS International Summer School 2024

This UCAS summer school’s agenda includes learning about global change observation techniques and discussing environmental challenges that humanity is currently facing due to global change. Climate change is one of the most significant problems facing the modern world because of its enormous implications for both human society and the natural balance of the planet.

The goal of UCAS’s ten-day, a fully funded summer programme in China (Beijing) on “Global Change and Ecological Health” (2024 July 18–27), is to promote interactions between Chinese and international young scholars to jointly address the effects of climate change on ecosystems and actively protect our living environments.

UCAS International Summer School – Details

Following the UCAS International Summer School in 2024, the university will recruit 30-45 international students with a background in geography, biology, chemistry, ecology, or other related topics who are interested in ecology and the environment and have professional experience in such domains from globally famous universities.

Participants in this summer scholarship programme will get to see Huairou Science City, participate in scientific research, explore Beijing’s humanistic environment, and experience traditional Chinese culture in addition to hearing about successful cases involving the protection of the ecological environment and speaking with academicians directly.

Benefits of Participating in UCAS International Summer School:

The benefits of Participating in the UCAS International Summer School include:

  • Participants will get to meet and exchange pleasantries with greet famous scientists of the world.
  • The activities involve visiting the Huairou Science City and participating in scientific research activities
  • Opportunity to experience Chinese culture.
  • Furnished Accommodation will be provided with Meals for the duration of the school program
  • Medical insurance is included
  • Return travel be provided.
  • Students will receive a graduation certificate from UCAS upon Successfully completing the UCAS summer exchange program.
  • Exceptional Participants will be given a recommendation letter from an academic adviser for a UCAS foreign student scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements for UCAS International Summer School 2024

Prospective Candidates must meet the requirements below:

  • Applicants must not be a citizen of China or have citizenship obtained from China
  • Candidates must have goodwill for China.
  • Have sound physical and mental health.
  • Should be in his or her senior year of university and not be older than 35 years of age.
  • Applicants must have background knowledge in environmental science, ecology, geography, resources, biology, chemistry, and other relevant fields.
  • Be fluent in the English language.

UCAS International Summer School 2024 – How to Apply

The application process for UCAS International Summer School 2024 in China is easy. Kindly follow the steps below to apply:

Official Link: https://english.ucas.ac.cn/index.php/admission/international-students/notice/6429-call-for-application-ucas-international-summer-school-2024-global-change-and-ecological-health

Documents Required

  • One copy of a scanned valid passport. Passport with a six-month expiry date.
  • The E-Copy of the passport-size photograph showing the full face of the candidate.
  • Current degree cert. (Bachelor’s or Master’s)
  • Official transcript of latest degree.
  • Proof of English language proficiency.
  • Recommendation letter by a university professor.

Application Deadline:

31st May 2024.

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