Women for Africa Foundation (FMxA): Learn Africa Programme 2024

The call for Applications is now open for the 2024 Learn Africa Programme. For another remarkable year, the Women for Africa Foundation (FMxA) is pleased to announce the application call for its prestigious Learn Africa postgraduate scholarship program. An esteemed initiative dedicated to empowering African women through education.

Women for Africa Foundation (FMxA): Learn Africa Programme 2024
Women for Africa Foundation (FMxA): Learn Africa Programme 2024

With over a decade of impactful history, this program has provided invaluable support to more than 350 female students from 35 diverse African nations. Many of these scholars have not only completed their studies with distinction. But have also successfully integrated into the professional sector, either within their home countries or by pursuing further academic endeavors.

Learn Africa Programme 2024 – Overview

In the latest call for applications, the Women for Africa Foundation reaffirms its commitment to fostering academic excellence by significantly increasing the number of doctoral scholarships offered. This year marks a crucial moment with the highest number of doctoral scholarships available, reflecting the Foundation’s dedication to advancing women in academia.

The program has continued its tradition of promoting fields crucial for innovation and sustainable development, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, biotechnology, food safety, and sustainable construction. In the 2024 edition, a total of 76 new scholarships and 22 continuity scholarships are being offered, thanks to the unwavering support of the program’s diverse collaborators.

These collaborators, comprising universities, business schools, and esteemed private funders such as GMV, ASISA Foundation, and ANESVAD Foundation, play a key role in realizing the program’s vision of empowering African women through education.

Benefits of Learn Africa Programme

The Women for Africa Foundation scholarship program offers a range of benefits designed to support scholars throughout their academic journey. Online scholarships cover tuition fees. While face-to-face scholarships encompass additional expenses such as round-trip travel, accommodation, meals, and health insurance.

Eligibility Criteria Learn Africa Programme 2024

Eligibility for the Women for Africa Foundation scholarship program is open to:

  • Women who hold nationality and residence in an African country.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in an African university or possess a university degree issued in an African country, with a Bachelor’s degree required for postgraduate scholarships.
  • Specific requirements may vary depending on the scholarship applied for, necessitating a thorough review of the detailed information provided for each scholarship opportunity.
  • It’s important to note that only one application per individual will be accepted.

How to Apply

Applicants are advised to carefully review all sections of the call for applications to familiarize themselves with the conditions and requirements. The step-by-step application procedure includes

  • Preparing the necessary documents
  • Selecting the desired scholarship
  • Completing the online application form, and
  • Submitting the required documentation.
  • Once submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation email. Providing reassurance that their application has been successfully received and will be considered for evaluation.

For more details, visit the FMxA website on https://mujeresporafrica.es/en/2024-learn-africa-programme/?fbclid=IwAR1L0v5sGGGzYJEhARJ_Jj076QXCMdvc3Kr-pULUz_1mOKkF0svD3e1XQu0_aem_AUtuqGS91KxHbuJYZi2UJKQVNIPh9Vfgu5A5h7Dl3DLsEg6RB7gHi3m3AK2ETBhI3XRgCsmWqgwVi29Q_QgHPdJ-#how-to-apply/

Key Considerations

To maximize the chances of a successful application, applicants are encouraged to stay informed about key considerations outlined in the call for applications. These considerations include:

  • General requirements
  • Required documents
  • Specific details about each scholarship opportunity.

Application Documents

  • Passport or National identity document
  • Photo
  • CV
  • Diploma/certificate/university degree (as required)
  • Academic record
  • Motivation letter
  • Reference letter(s)
  • Official language certificate (if required)
  • Other documents are required.

Application Deadline

Not Specified.



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