What a Good SAT Score – How to Check the SAT Score for College

What a Good SAT Score. SAT has always been a major examination program most students would love to sit for because of its great importance. Having a good score on SAT can give you higher chances of getting into a top college and grant you easy qualification to some certain scholarship. So, what is a good SAT score? Surprisingly SAT has no specified score for a good grade.

What a Good SAT Score

Most students do ask that particular question but the truth is it varies. It depends on the college you are applying for. Aiming for an SAT score of 1200 is good enough as I consider it above average. A score of that number can make you eligible for so many colleges. So, you just need to aim high because the higher your score, the more admission opportunities for you.

What is a good SAT Score for 2021

When you talk about a good score, it should be a score that is above average. Every year, the average score for SAT changes even for a particular college. However, putting it on an average scale, we can say for 2021, 1200 should be an average score.

Although, in 2020, the average national composite score for SAT was 1051. So, if you probably have this score the previous year, you would have hit the jackpot.

Apart from just the score, the percentile is something you should take into consideration as it points out the percentage of students in assessment based on individual test-taker out-performed.

This can be done by constructing a normally distributed graph in which most of the students’ aggregate SAT scores hang around the curve’s center.

How to Check the SAT Score for College

Are you still lost in thought on what SAT score you should be aiming for based on the colleges you apply for?  You just need the SAT score for each of the colleges you submitted an application for and make a comparison o know where you might fit except if you don’t know how to.

That’s why we are here to help. You can go to https://www.princetonreview.com/ and search for your college’s profile. Once you have found it, click the ‘admissions’ tab and you would find what you are looking for.

How Can I Improve My SAT Score

Due to its great importance, it’s highly competitive and getting a good grade isn’t that easy, you need to put in all your best.

If you are sitting again for SAT, you ought to do better than before; that must be hitting your mind every second. But what can you do to improve your SAT score? Well, there are a few things you need to change.

First of all, you don’t joke with the words used on SAT, they are way too challenging. Writing the essay,  you need to be good at using words not to talk of the reading section which has a high vocabulary.

So, do try to read previous SAT questions as they are fond of repeating words, memorize and digest them for this will help you in the long run. Also trying out practice tests is of good help too and don’t just ignore SAT study materials.


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