Credit Card Online Payment – How to Make Payments with Your Credit Card Online

A credit card is a piece of plastic or metal that allows cardholders to make online payments for goods and services with merchants that accept cards for payment. These credit cards also have rewards and perks that users can take advantage of.

Credit Card Online Payment
Credit Card Online Payment

But credit card users need to be alert about their payments because not paying, and paying late attract a certain fee and it can even affect your credit score.

Credit Card Online Payment

The world has become so digitalized today that anyone can make payments from the comfort of their home. This implies that people can now make payments online without leaving their houses. The truth is making online payments is easy and convenient but you have to make payment through a credit card, debit card, gift card or prepaid card. However, our focus in this article is credit cards. Therefore, through the post, you will learn how to make payments with your credit card online.

How to Make Payments with Your Credit Card Online

There are different ways you can make payments online with your credit card, but our focus here will be the online method. So, what are the ways one can make credit card payments online? The answer to this question will be supplied below, you just have to scroll down to get the information.

Internet Banking

This is one of the easiest ways to make payments with your credit card online. Through internet banking, you can make payments with your credit card bills anytime and anywhere. You just need to follow the steps below.

  • Login to your net bank account with your details.
  • Then tap the ‘credit card’ option.
  • Tap ‘register new card’, fill in your card details and tap submit.
  • Tap on the ‘transact’ option, then select your card.
  • Choose your payment mode.
  • Then tap confirm to complete the payment process.

NEFT (National Electronics Funds Transfer)

If you use this method for credit card payment, your payment will reflect under one day. Through NEFT, credit card users can make payments with their credit card for any other bank’s net banking. Users can also transfer money from their savings account to their credit card account from the comfort of their homes.

  • Before you engage NEFT to make a payment with your credit card, you will need to add your credit card as a beneficiary to your online account.
  • To include your credit card as a beneficiary, you will have to fill in the details of your card like your credit card number, cardholder name, IFSC code, branch, bank’s name and so on.

Adding your credit card as a beneficiary to your savings account will take about 30 minutes. But when you are through with the process, follow the steps below.

  • Login to your online banking account.
  • Tap on the ‘funds transfer’ option.
  • Find the ‘transfer to other bank’ icon and click on it.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then you check all the details again and tap ‘confirm’ to make your payment.


BillDesk is an online payment platform that allows you to make payments with your credit card without having an online account. So, you do not have to worry if you do not have an account online. This payment platform also makes it easy to make payments.

  • If you want to make a payment through BillDesk, you have to go to the payment page on your bank’s website.
  • Check the list to know if your bank permits credit card payment through BillDesk.
  • Choose your bank if it allows it.
  • Fill in your details such as your credit card number, email address, and payment amount.
  • Choose the bank account you want the payment to be made from.
  • Then tap on pay to complete the payment process.

Mobile Wallet and Payment System

There are different mobile wallets and online payment platforms that you can use to make payments with your credit card online. All you need to do is get one of the mobile wallet apps on your device. An example of this mobile wallet is Paytm. You can use it to make payments with your card.

  • To make a payment, you will need to download a mobile payment app on your mobile phone.
  • You will need to register the app differently to make a payment.
  • Then you log in to the app with your credentials.
  • And link your mobile app to your debit card or your savings account with which you want to make your credit card payment.
  • You will have to recharge your mobile wallet and fill in your card details.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Then tap pay to finish the transaction.

Auto Debit Platform

It is one of the safest platforms to make payments with your credit card. This platform is referred to as the safest as it eliminates the risk of missing out on any credit card payment because it automatically deducts money from your linked account and makes your credit card payment before your due date. So, if you have a net banking account, you can register for auto debit and avoid late fees.

  • To make a payment through auto debit, log in to your net banking account to register for auto debit.
  • Then you go to the credit card section.
  • Search for the auto-debit feature.
  • Then tap enable when you see it.
  • Choose if you want to make the minimum payment or if you want to pay the total balance in full.
  • Then set a maximum amount limit for auto-debit if you are asked to.
  • Tap on confirm to enable auto debit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Make My Credit Card Payment Online?

There are different reasons why you should make your credit card payment online. Here are some of the reasons: It saves time and effort, it is safe and secure, it is convenient, and it provides enhanced control over your transactions.

How Can I Make a Credit Card Payment?

You can make credit card payments through different online and offline ways. Online methods comprise payment through a mobile app, internet banking, mobile payment wallet, NEFT etc. While offline methods comprise payment through ATMs, physical visits to the bank branch, customer care, etc.

When Should I Pay My Credit Card Payment?

You should make your credit card payment before the due date to avoid any late fee charges or any additional interest on your card.

Can I Make My Credit Card Payment Through Any Other Bank?

Yes, it is possible to make payments with your credit card through any other bank. But you can do so if you pay through NEFT or other similar platforms where you can add your credit card account as the payee to make the payment.



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