The CcHub/Mastercard Foundation Ed-Tech Programme 2024 ($100k in Equity Free Funding) – APPLY NOW

The Cohort II Application for the CcHub/Mastercard Foundation Ed-Tech Programme 2024 is now open. The Co-creation Hub (CcHub) is a top innovation centre committed to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity.

The CcHub/Mastercard Foundation Ed-Tech Programme 2024
The CcHub/Mastercard Foundation Ed-Tech Programme 2024

Co-creation Hub (CcHub) is partnering with the Mastercard Foundation to empower tech startups that are building tools that enhance learning outcomes and accelerate access to equitable and quality education for Africa’s next generation.

Programme Benefits  

The following benefits are available to startups that are successfully chosen and accepted into the accelerator program:

  • Equity-free capital: During the accelerator program, qualifying firms are eligible to receive up to $100,000 in equity-free capital.
  • Support & Mentoring: For design, product, and tech optimization, startups can reach out to our interdisciplinary expertise.
  • Investor Network: This initiative would expose startups to investors to help scale their products.


  • Startups must be based in Nigeria and have a focus on Africa. They ought to be developing solutions to problems in K–12, postsecondary education, and occupational skills development.
  • These two attributes must be included in the tech solution.
  • EdTech-Based Solutions
  • Verifiable users who share the goals of the accelerator program; education access, student learning, school administration, and teacher/trainer effectiveness, must be present.
  • Applicants must have a balanced team, with a passion for education.
  • Special preference is allocated to Female founders of EdTech solution companies

How to Apply?

To apply for the CcHub/Mastercard Foundation Ed-Tech Programme 2024, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the CcHub website at
  • Tap on the Apply icon in red to commence your application
  • Click on the Start button located down the page
  • Enter the required details such as your company name, valid email address, phone number etc.
  • Click Submit to Confirm Interest
  • Once your details are submitted, you will receive the link to the comprehensive application form in your email. You can bookmark the email, as the link will allow you to resume your application at your convenience within the specified deadline.

Selection Criteria

Submitted Applications will be reviewed in 3 stages. The Edtech solutions will be assessed in this stage on the following criteria

  • Problem/Solution Fit
  • Founder Potential
  • Business Model Fit
  • Traction

Successfully Selected EdTech solutions from the first stage will be assessed based on the following criteria

  • Scalability
  • Long-term
  • Plan/Vision
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Team Potential

While the final stage will be an interview with applicants who have successfully gone through the assessment stage. A final selection will be carried out subject to due diligence.


What is the program about?

This partnership effort of the  Mastercard Foundation and CcHub seeks to address learning challenges in the EdTech sector. CcHub will be doing this through an accelerator program to support and amplify the impact of 36 EdTech startups in Nigeria over the next 3 years.

Who should apply to the program?

CcHub is seeking brilliant innovators with groundbreaking EdTech solutions that can revolutionize the way we learn, from early childhood to corporate education.

What are the accelerator’s focus areas?

Startups that are leveraging technology to address any learning challenges across K-12, formal and informal skills, are usually focused on.

When does the programme start and how long will it run for?

The program commences in April or May 2023 with each annual cohort selection running for a total of 18 months. This will consist of a 6-month accelerator programme and 12 months of post-accelerator support.

How many startups will be supported?

About 36 startups in Nigeria will be supported over the next 3 years. The 2023 first cohort will have 12 startups.



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