Airtel Africa Is Set To Launch a Data Center in Kenya

Airtel Africa is set to launch a data center in Kenya. What is the reason for this move from Airtel and Kenya and what will the development bring? All these and many more questions will be answered in the course of this article.

Airtel Africa Data Center in Kenya

Airtel Africa Data Center in Kenya

Airtel Africa continues to make waves in the telecommunications industry with its latest announcement: the company intends to establish a new data center in Nairobi, Kenya, marking its second facility in Africa following Nigeria.

The primary objective behind this move is to diversify revenue streams, with the company eyeing a 7-megawatt capacity center in Kenya, mirroring its 36-megawatt facility in Lagos, Nigeria.

What Airtel Africa CEO Has To Say About the Development

According to Airtel Africa CEO Segun Ogunsanya, construction is set to commence shortly in Nigeria and is expected to be completed in Kenya by mid-2026. Ogunsanya emphasizes the critical role these data centers play in the company’s portfolio, citing their commercial viability.

Airtel’s strategic shift involves moving away from traditional telecommunications and mobile money towards data services. By establishing local data centers, the company aims to reduce data management costs and enhance digital service accessibility, fostering innovation and supporting Africa’s burgeoning tech talent.

Airtel Africa Launched Nxtra in December 2023

In December 2023, Airtel Africa launched Nxtra, its data hub business, and now plans to establish smaller data centers for its mobile cable landing stations in Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Gabon, in addition to Lagos and Nairobi.

Airtel’s Presence in Kenya

Moreover, the telco has bolstered its presence in Kenya by investing in voice and mobile money services. In February 2023, Airtel Africa announced plans to introduce 5G technology in Kenya, with its network infrastructure covering 3,200 sites and serving 89% of the country’s 47 counties.



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