Airtel Africa Is Set To Launch Telesonic to Help Address Wholesale Data Demand In the Region

Airtel Africa is set to launch Telesonic to help address the growing wholesale data demand in the region. Telesonic is a wholesale fiber unit launched by Airtel Africa to help transform the wholesale data market of Africa. And it has so far invested in the 2Africa submarine cable system.

Airtel Africa to Launch Telesonic

Airtel Africa to Launch Telesonic

With this new development, Telesonic will now own the fiber assets and submarine cable systems of Airtel Africa, which as you should know totals approximately 75,000km of terrestrial fiber all across 14 countries. This very move in question is coming at a time after Airtel Africa launched a new data center business, Nxtra, back in December 2023, just a year after opening a tier 3 data center in the state of Lagos Nigeria. The firm however aims to build one of the biggest and high-capacity data centers.

Airtel Africa’s primary markets span East, Central, and West Africa, serving a vast customer base of 151.2 million individuals, including 62.7 million data subscribers and 37.5 million mobile money users. With anticipated revenue reaching $5.76 billion in 2024, the company is strategically positioning itself to capture a significant share of the African data market.

Airtel Africa is set to Inaugurate Its First Substantial Nxtra Facility in Lagos

In 2025, Airtel Africa is set to inaugurate its first substantial Nxtra facility in Lagos, Nigeria, aiming to provide 34MW of power capacity and accommodate high-density racks. Overseen by Yashnath Issur, formerly Head of the Global Data Centre at Amazon Web Services, the Nxtra business represents a pivotal step in the company’s data infrastructure expansion.

Airtel Africa’s Two Flagship Projects

Airtel Africa’s two flagship projects, Nxtra and Telesonic, are poised to offer advanced data solutions to a diverse clientele, including governments, large African enterprises, startups, SMEs, and global hyperscalers. Commenting on the Telesonic launch, Airtel Africa CEO Segun Ogunsanya highlighted the initiative’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge fiber-optic solutions to address Africa’s burgeoning digital needs across various sectors.

Airtel Africa Board Plans for A $100 Million Share Buyback Programme

In early February 2024, the Airtel Africa board unveiled plans for a $100 million share buyback program commencing in March 2024 and spanning over a year. This strategic move follows the company’s robust operating performance, marked by a notable 9.1% increase in customer volume.

Current CEO Segun Ogunsanya is Set to Retire On July 1, 2024

As part of its leadership transition plan, current CEO Segun Ogunsanya, who has held the position since 2021, is set to retire on July 1, 2024. Airtel Africa intends to appoint Sunil Taldar, the Group’s Director of Transformation, as the new CEO.

Despite his retirement from the CEO role, Ogunsanya will maintain his involvement as the inaugural Chair of the Airtel Africa Charitable Foundation, an independent entity operating separately from the Airtel Africa Group.



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