Young Audiences Music Awards (YAMawards) – Unveiling the Magic of Music 2024

For over a decade, starting from 2008, the YAMawards have been acknowledging and celebrating outstanding achievements in the realm of live musical performances designed specifically for young audiences. The YAMawards, organized by JM International, is not just an award ceremony; it’s a global movement that champions the transformative power of music for young minds. The awards aim to honor and showcase the most creative and impactful live music productions that cater specifically to children and teenagers.

Young Audiences Music Awards

The YAMawards goes beyond mere recognition; it’s a platform that encourages artists to push the boundaries of creativity and engage with young audiences in meaningful ways. It’s about building a future where every child has access to the arts and is encouraged to explore their own creative potential.

YAMawards Categories

The YAMawards 2024 have now begun and are welcoming applications in five wonderful categories:

  • Best Small Ensemble: For groups that create intimate and engaging musical experiences.
  • Best Large Ensemble: For orchestras and large bands that captivate young audiences with their scale and harmony.
  • Best Opera: For productions that bring the grandeur of opera to the young, nurturing a love for this timeless art form.
  • Best School Concert: For performances that turn school auditoriums into stages of inspiration and learning.
  • Best Participatory Project: For initiatives that actively involve young people in the creation and performance of music.
  • The Impact on Future Generations


  • Best Small Ensemble – catering to Young Audiences (prize of €1000)
  • Best Large Ensemble – catering to Young Audiences (prize of €1000) (Groups consisting of 8 or more members, orchestras, etc.)
  • Best Opera – catering to Young Audiences (prize of €1000)
  • Supported by RESEO (The European Network for Opera, Music & Dance Education)
  • Ebbe Høyrup’s Best School Concert – catering to Young Audiences (prize of €1000)
  • Best Participatory Project – involving Young Audiences (prize of €1000)

(Projects where the active participation of young audiences or the process is the primary focus)

  • Public Choice Award (prize of €1000)

(Selected from the nominees in each category, determined by an online public vote.)

Eligibility Requirement

  • Soloists, groups, ensembles, operas, and orchestras that provide live music performances for audiences below the age of 18 are encouraged to submit their applications for this esteemed international recognition.

Nomination process

In order to participate in the voting process, individuals are required to establish or possess a registered profile. Each user will have the opportunity to cast a single vote. The nominees will be extended an invitation to attend the YAMawards Ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on September 17th in Bodø, Norway.

To kick-start your application, click here.

Visit the official website of YAMawards for additional information.

Application Deadline

April 15, 2024.

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