Fully funded Mandela Rhodes Scholar for Young African 2024-2025

As a recipient of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for Young Africans in 2024-2025, you will gain a combination of financial aid with a leadership program that is designed to challenge, nurture, and connect you with fellow African change-makers like yourself.

Fully funded Mandela Rhodes Scholar for Young African

This scholarship represents a transformative leadership journey. Its combination of financial backing and a leadership initiative will push you, foster your growth, and link you with other young African influencers who share your vision.

Fully funded Mandela Rhodes Scholar for Young African 2024-2025

The scholarship is built on the core values of reconciliation, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership. In addition, it emphasizes the belief that true leadership begins with inner transformation.

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is dedicated to upholding Nelson Mandela’s legacy by empowering young African leaders with the skills and courage to reshape the continent into a place where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

The program primarily consists of week-long residential workshops that participants attend during their residency.

You will Receive Financial Support

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship provides comprehensive funding that covers all the essential expenses related to your studies. It includes:

  • Tuition and registration fees
  • Allowances for study materials, research, and medical coverage
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Personal allowance
  • Economy class travel to and from your home country to your South African university at the start and end of your degree.

Eligibility for the Scholarship

To qualify, you must:

  • Pursue postgraduate studies in English
  • Be a citizen of an African country
  • Fall within the age range of 19 to 29
  • Hold an undergraduate degree with outstanding results (above 70% or upper-second class Honors) by January 1, 2025
  • Aspire to ethical leadership and dedicate your talents to promoting equality, freedom, and human dignity in Africa
  • Admire Nelson Mandela’s ability to bridge divides and unite people around a shared humanity
  • Be open to deep reflection on your leadership style and committed to personal growth.

Criteria for Selection 

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is looking for candidates who carry the following principles and have shown potential to live by them:

  • Leadership: Are you a visionary leader with moral authority, Do you see leadership as a means to advocate for equality, human rights, and dignity? Do you inspire others to reach their potential?
  • Reconciliation: Do you believe reconciliation, along with reparations, is vital for turning a flawed past into a fairer world? Are you ready to start this process by examining your own beliefs and perspectives?
  • Education: Do you excel academically and believe education should benefit not just you but society? Do you agree that intellectual excellence should be coupled with strong character and a well-rounded personality?
  • Entrepreneurship: Do you envision Africa as an equal and competitive global player? Have you demonstrated individual initiative, innovation, and creativity toward this goal?

How to Apply for the Scholarship

The application deadline is April 21, 2024. You must upload all the required documents before the deadline – Do not forget to include references from your recommenders.

If you want to apply, go to https://mandela-rhodes.embark.com/apply/2025/. For further information about the scholarship, you can visit https://www.mandelarhodes.org/scholarship/apply/.

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