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The Whitley Fund for Nature Awards (WFN) Awards, created by Edward Whitley in 1994, is a well-known program that honours and assists remarkable individuals worldwide who make significant contributions to wildlife preservation.

Whitley Fund for Nature Awards
Whitley Fund for Nature Awards

These awards play a vital role in providing funding and recognition to local conservationists who often face difficult circumstances while safeguarding biodiversity.

Objectives and Goals

The main objectives and goals of the Whitley Fund for Nature are as follows:

  • Find Conservation Champions: Recognize and empower individuals who are leading wildlife conservation efforts, especially those implementing projects that directly impact biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Provide Financial Support: Offer significant financial support to the winners, enabling them to effectively implement and expand their conservation projects.
  • Promote Sustainable Practices: Encourage and support sustainable and community-led conservation initiatives that contribute to the long-term health and resilience of ecosystems.
  • Raise Awareness: Increase global awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation and the crucial role played by grassroots conservationists in achieving tangible results.

Grant Amount

The winners of the Whitley Fund for Nature Awards usually receive a monetary grant. The grant amount for the Whitley Awards is £40,000 per award for one year. Additionally, a previous Whitley Award winner is chosen each year to receive the Whitley Gold Award, which provides project funding of up to £60,000 over one year. This financial support is significant and helps the recipients in their ongoing conservation work. It plays a crucial role in implementing projects that protect endangered species and conserve natural habitats.

Application Process For Whitley Fund for Nature Awards

To apply for the Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) Awards, please visit the official WFN website at https://whitleyaward.org/ and follow these steps:

  • Nomination or Application: Candidates can be nominated by experts, peers, or affiliated organizations within the conservation community. Alternatively, individuals may also directly apply for consideration. For specific application procedures, please refer to the latest guidelines on the WFN website.
  • Submission of Materials: After being nominated or initiating the application, candidates are required to submit a comprehensive set of materials, including:
  1. Project Proposal: A detailed document outlining the conservation project, including objectives, methodologies, expected outcomes, and the impact on wildlife and ecosystems
  2. Résumé or Curriculum Vitae: A summary of the candidate’s professional background, highlighting relevant education, work experience, and achievements in wildlife conservation.
  3. Letters of Recommendation: Endorsements from peers, experts, or organizations that attest to the candidate’s commitment, capabilities, and achievements in conservation.
  4. Visual Materials: Supporting visual elements such as photographs, videos, or other media that visually represent the candidate’s conservation work. This can include before-and-after images, footage of field activities, or other relevant visuals.
  • Screening and Evaluation: A panel of conservation experts thoroughly evaluates the submitted materials. This assessment takes into account the candidate’s track record, the potential impact of their project, and the innovative aspects of their approach.
  • Interview or Additional Information: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or asked to provide additional information to further assess their suitability for the WFN Award. This phase ensures a more in-depth understanding of the candidates and their projects.
  • Final Decision: Based on the evaluations, interviews, and additional information, the WFN makes the final decision on the award recipients. Successful candidates are chosen for their outstanding contributions, innovative approaches, and the potential for lasting positive change in the realm of wildlife conservation.

Eligibility Criteria for Whitley Fund for Nature Awards

The Whitley Fund for Nature Awards has specific criteria for choosing conservation champions. These criteria include:

  • Conservation Impact: The champions must have demonstrated and measurable impact on wildlife conservation. They should have tangible results in protecting endangered species and preserving natural habitats.
  • Innovation: The champions should implement innovative and sustainable approaches to conservation. They should showcase creativity and resourcefulness in addressing environmental challenges.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: Strong leadership skills are essential for the champions. They should also have the ability to collaborate effectively with local communities, governments, and other stakeholders to achieve conservation goals.
  • Community Engagement: The champions must actively engage with and gain support from local communities. They should demonstrate a commitment to inclusive and community-based conservation efforts.


Nominees or applicants are typically required to submit a comprehensive set of documentation to support their candidacy. This may include:

  • Project Proposal: A detailed proposal outlining the conservation project, its objectives, methods, and expected outcomes.
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae: A summary of the nominee’s professional background, including relevant education, experience, and achievements in the field of wildlife conservation.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Endorsements from peers, experts, or organizations attest to the nominee’s contributions and capabilities.
  • Media Materials: Photographs, videos, or other media that visually represent the nominee’s conservation work and its impact.

Impact of the Awards

  • The WFN Awards offer substantial financial support to winners, allowing them to carry out and expand their conservation projects. This financial assistance is often a game-changer for grassroots conservationists, enabling them to address crucial issues, protect endangered species, and preserve natural habitats.
  • By receiving the awards, conservation champions’ efforts are validated and their commitment, innovation, and leadership are recognized. This recognition not only boosts their morale but also increases their impact by bringing global attention to their work.
  • Winners of the awards gain access to a global network of experts, organizations, and fellow conservationists. This opens up opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices, fostering a community-driven approach to conservation.


The Whitley Fund for Nature Awards is vital in acknowledging and assisting conservationists who are making a notable impact in safeguarding biodiversity. The grant amount, application process, eligibility criteria, and documentation requirements all contribute to the effectiveness and influence of this esteemed program. Individuals interested in supporting conservation efforts or becoming potential candidates should regularly visit the official WFN website at https://whitleyaward.org/ for the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people from any country apply for the WFN Awards?

Absolutely! The WFN Awards welcome individuals from all over the world. These awards reflect the organization’s dedication to addressing conservation challenges on a global scale.

What kinds of conservation projects does WFN support?

WFN supports a wide range of conservation projects that tackle crucial issues like habitat loss, species protection, climate change, and community involvement. Previous projects have covered diverse ecosystems and species.

How does WFN contribute to global conservation efforts?

WFN promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building among conservation champions. The awards bring attention to successful projects, establish a global network, and showcase various approaches to conservation.

Can I get involved with WFN if I’m not applying for an award?

Absolutely! WFN encourages individuals and organizations interested in wildlife conservation to participate and engage. Visit their website for information on partnerships, donations, and staying updated on conservation efforts.



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