Vision Pro Glass Repairs Will Reportedly Cost Users $799 without AppleCare Plus

Vision Pro glass repairs will reportedly cost users $799 without AppleCare Plus. Fixing other damage to the Vision Pro without the availability of the extended coverage of Apple could cost users up to $2,399, and even with AppleCare Plus, each set of tools is $299.

Vision Pro Glass Repairs without AppleCare Plus

Vision Pro Glass Repairs without AppleCare Plus

The Apple Vision Pro headset, priced at $3,499, offers additional AppleCare Plus coverage for an extra cost of $24.99 per month or a one-time payment of $499 for two years. For users without this coverage plan, repairing a cracked cover glass on the headset will incur a cost of $799, as per information on Apple’s updated support page for the Vision Pro.

Under AppleCare Plus, users can avail themselves of repair services for a cracked cover glass or other accidental damage at a reduced cost of $299. Considering these rates, the combined cost of two years of AppleCare Plus and the reduced cover glass repair fee totals $798, which is $1 less than the repair costs without the service plan.

AppleCare Plus Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of AppleCare Plus coverage specify that it includes protection against “unexpected and unintentional external events,” encompassing incidents like liquid spills or accidental drops. Notably, the plan covers an “unlimited” number of such events during its two-year duration, with a $299 fee applicable for each repair.

For users concerned about potential accidental damage to their Vision Pro headset, opting for AppleCare Plus can provide peace of mind and potential cost savings in case of repairs.

Advanced Repairs for the Apple Vision Pro Headset

Advanced repairs for the Apple Vision Pro headset, beyond issues like a cracked cover glass, may require additional financial investment. Repairing other types of damage could potentially cost users up to $2,399, exceeding two-thirds of the cost of a brand-new Vision Pro device. However, the extended coverage provided by AppleCare Plus remains in effect even if the damage necessitates a full replacement of the device.

The Specifics of Self-Service Repair Options for the Vision Pro

While Apple has committed to making parts, tools, and information available for DIY repairs, the specifics of self-service repair options for the Vision Pro remain unclear. The availability of DIY and third-party repair services has sometimes offered a more cost-effective alternative to Apple’s official repair channels for other devices.

Apple Self-Service Repair Offerings Expanded To Cover New Phones

Following the launch of the iPhone 15 last fall, Apple expanded its self-service repair offerings to cover the new phones about a month later. If the company follows a similar pattern for the Vision Pro, users may have additional options for handling repairs on their own or through third-party services.

The Potential Costs of Advanced Repairs

For now, Vision Pro buyers may consider the potential costs of advanced repairs and weigh the option of adding AppleCare Plus to their purchase for added coverage and peace of mind. Being cautious with the new eyewear device to avoid potential damage is also advisable.



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