Apple’s Apple Care: AppleCare Pricing And Availability

What is Apple’s Apple care? It just might be that you have been hearing about this apple product, but do you know what it really is or what it stands for. Most apple product device users know about this and what it means. But do you know that a huge chunk of apple device uses mostly iPhone users don’t know about the existence of the apple care apple product? Yes, this is true. And if you are one of these persons, you really need to read this article. This article offers the perfect opportunity for you to learn everything you need to about apples apple care.

Apple’s Apple Care

Apple’s Apple Care

Normally, most apple product comes with a warranty; one-year limited warranty to be precise. This warranty normally comes or covers manufacturing defects and hardware failures. Also, it covers up to 90 days of technical support. And this is where the apple care product comes in. like mentioned already, the coverage mentioned above comes for free. But just in case you want further coverage and protection for your device, you will have to refer to the apple care or the apple care + protection plan. And just as you should have guessed already, this plan comes with an initial cost.

If you haven’t grabbed the piece of information conveyed about it coming at a cost, it simply means that it is not for free like the normal apple product warranty. These additional protection plans, the apple care, and apple care + plan also comes with deductibles and varying prices. This means that the amount you will be charged when you purchase any of the apple care plans will be dependent on the apple device you are making use of.

Is Apple Care Worth It

This is one of the questions frequently asked about this apple product. Like the ones with an idea as to what it is want to really know if it is all worth it before purchasing the plan. Apple product customers have had to wait for 30 to 60 days before they could activate any of the extra protection plans after purchase. But all these seem to be in the past now as the window has now been extended to as long as one year in the US and Canada to be precise. And this extension can be activated via the settings app on most apple devices.

Here is something you also should know about this apple protection plan. This plan varies slightly based on territory and region. One notable example is that the AppleCare+ with Theft and loss coverage cannot be found outside of the United States and Japan. Therefore with that being said, it is very important that you look and scrutinize the terms of the coverage in your region and territory.

Personally, I think that the apple care product is worth it. Normally the standard warranty that comes with your iPhone product only covers some features and it is therefore limited. The standard warranty only guarantees that the product will work just the way it is supposed to for up to a year or the specific time within that stipulated timeframe, if the product breaks down and it is not due to the user’s fault, it will be fixed by apple for free. Another very important aspect of this warranty is that it is applicable to all Apple products irrespective of the place you bought it from. The offer is also transferrable to a new user in the event that the item is passed on to another person within a year. All you need to transfer the warranty is to provide proof of purchase.

Apple Care And AppleCare+ Features

The standard warranty feature was extensively explained in previous paragraphs. And beyond the standard warranty plan, apple also offers other plans to offer additional coverage. And this you know also. The apples extended warranty plan in most apple products is known as AppleCare +. This plan as you should have known by now covers two to three years of hardware coverage. And this is up to two incidents of accidental damage every twelve months. Below are some of the features of the standard warranty and the apple care + product.

Standard Warranty

  • Covers hardware failures only.
  • Limited warranty for up to one year. And in some devices up to two years coverage.
  • Technical support by chat or phone for 60 to 90 days.


  • Provides an extended warranty for up to two or three years.
  • It also covers hardware failures and up to two incidents of accidental damage in every 12 months which is subject to service fees.
  • Access to technical apple support via chat or phone.
  • It also covers two incidents of theft or loss for an additional fee. This feature however is only available for iPhones only.

Above are the feature listed for proper assimilation of the plans.

AppleCare Pricing And Availability

The extended apple care + and standard warranty plans are offered on a range of Apple devices. The cost of the plans also varies based on the said apple product you are using. Below are some of the pricing plans on some Apple devices;

  • AppleCare+ for mac – costs $99 to $299.
  • AppleCare+ for apple Disney – $499.
  • The AppleCare+ for iPad – costs $69 to $129.
  • AppleCare+ for apple watch – $49 to $149.
  • AppleCare+ for iPhone – $129 to $199.
  • The AppleCare+ for iPod – $59.
  • AppleCare+ for headphones – $29.
  • AppleCare+ for HomePod – $39.
  • The AppleCare+ protection plan for apple TV – $39.

In general, you should know that the pricing of the AppleCare+ plan depends on the said device you are using. This, therefore, means that the more expensive a device is, the more AppleCare costs.


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