Play Xbox And PC Games On Your Android Device

What would it feel like or how would it feel like rather, if you could play Xbox and PC games on your android device? Amazing right? Well, it would really feel amazing personally, I don’t know about you. Do you know that the gaming industry is one of the biggest in the entertainment industry today? Yes, this is true. And there is even a study that shows that the gaming industry earns or makes more than the movie industry in terms of revenue. Wow. If these stats are really true, then we all have been sleeping on the gaming industry all this while.

Play Xbox And PC Games On Your Android Device

Play Xbox And PC Games On Your Android Device

With the gaming industry being a huge on and playing a huge role in the lives of so many users all over the globe, it is only right that game developers and game tech and software developers all over the world make the industry as interesting and entertaining so as to keep fans and clients satisfied. At least they owe them that (gamers).

Normally, playing Xbox and PC games on android devices is something that is deemed impossible. The mention of it alone, you should know. But if you are a gamer out there I have great news for you. Microsoft is now joining forces with Google in a bid to help gamer’s stream games on their mobile android phones and tablets. As a gamer, you should be familiar with the Xbox game pass ultimate subscription plan. If you don’t know about this plan, here is something for you.

The Xbox game pass ultimate subscription plan gives gamers and players unrestricted access to tons of PC and Xbox games for a monthly fee of course. This subscription plan has also added a cloud-based enabling gaming to its interesting list of offerings. This new addition will let players and gamers access and play more than 150 games on their android devices, phones, or tablets. All you need to achieve this is to have a device running Android 6.0 and higher (newer). Your device also has to support Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless Xbox one controller connectivity

How The Whole Operation Works

I know you must have been curious as to how this thing works since you can’t just wait to get your hands on it. Well, if you are, then pay close attention to every piece of information that will be shared in this paragraph and the next. The cloud gaming feature offered via the game pass ultimate plan just like Google’s stadia does not run the game on your android device. You may be disappointed to hear this, but unfortunately, your android device doesn’t just have what it takes to run most of the games offered just like the gears 5. If you should try it, there might be serious repercussions to your android mobile device. This is where Microsoft’s streaming software is introduced.

The game would run on a server farm from a separate place far away. The video fed is then streamed to your mobile device. This thing works in a very subtle fashion. It’s just like playing a game via remote control. But the main power or console powering the game is outside your house. To play games, all you need to do is to download the game pass app from the Google play store. And that’s it.

To crown it all, here is something you need to know. Although everyone can now get high-speed internet anytime they want. And with this in place accessing a technology like this is feasible, but three are some drawbacks. Just like Google stadia, it has proven that streaming games to your mobile device can be problematic. There might be delays with the game and a host of other issues. But in between, it is worth trying.


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