Urgent Hardship Grants for Organizations in the MENA Region | Apply Now!

During times of crisis and uncertainty, it’s vital to provide support to organizations in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. These organizations play a crucial role in maintaining essential services and programs, especially amidst challenges such as conflicts, natural disasters, and economic downturns.

Urgent Hardship Grants for Organizations in the MENA Region
Urgent Hardship Grants for Organizations in the MENA Region

To address these pressing needs, urgent hardship grants are now available to organizations operating in the MENA region. This initiative aims to offer timely assistance to organizations facing acute financial difficulties, enabling them to continue their vital work and support communities in need.


The urgent hardship grants aim to support organizations in the MENA region facing immediate financial challenges. These grants provide short-term relief, helping organizations maintain their operations and services during times of crisis. Whether it’s providing emergency relief, healthcare services, education programs, or other critical interventions, these grants ensure that organizations can continue their important work despite financial constraints.


The deadline for submitting applications for urgent hardship grants is [15-Apr-24]. Organizations must submit their applications before this deadline to be considered for funding.

Funding Amount

The total amount available for this call for proposals is EUR 3,000,000. The contracting authority may choose not to allocate all the funds.


You’ve laid out the benefits of the Urgent Hardship Grants for Organizations in the MENA Region quite thoroughly:

  • Immediate Financial Relief:

Granting swift and crucial aid to organizations in urgent need.

  • Continuity of Services:

Ensuring vital services reach communities without interruption, especially during crises.

  • Flexibility in Fund Usage:

Allowing organizations to prioritize urgent needs, be it operational or program-related.

  • Enhanced Resilience:

Strengthening organizations to face future financial challenges and promote sustainability.

  • Community Impact:

Directly benefiting vulnerable populations by sustaining essential services.

  • Capacity Building:

Providing support beyond financial aid to enhance long-term operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Eligibility Criteria

Let’s dive into the eligibility criteria for Urgent Hardship Grants for Organizations in the MENA Region:

  • Demonstrated Need:

Organizations must show they’re facing acute financial hardship or a crisis.

  • Operational Scope:

Eligible organizations usually work within the MENA region, serving communities in various ways.

  • Mission Alignment:

Preference may go to organizations whose missions match the grant program’s goals, like aiding vulnerable populations or addressing urgent community needs.

  • Legal Status:

Organizations need a valid legal status and must follow relevant laws and regulations in their countries.

  • Transparency and Accountability:

Applicants should be transparent in their financial management and practices, providing clear documentation of expenses and impact.

Ineligibility Criteria

Let’s dive into the ineligibility criteria for Urgent Hardship Grants for Organizations in the MENA Region:

  • Non-Compliance:

Organizations that don’t meet legal requirements or fail to follow grant guidelines are typically ineligible.

  • Lack of Demonstrated Need:

Services with stable finances or no immediate hardship may not qualify for urgent hardship grants.

  • Incompatible Missions:

Organizations with missions not aligning with the grant program’s goals may be ineligible for funding.

  • Misuse of Funds:

Applicants with a history of financial mismanagement or fund misuse may be disqualified from receiving grants.

  • Restricted Activities:

Grants won’t be given for activities not aligned with the intended use of funds or that violate ethical or legal standards.

Application Process

The Application Process of the Urgent Hardship Grants for Organizations in the MENA Region are:

  • Review the Guidelines:

Carefully review the guidelines and eligibility criteria for the urgent hardship grants to ensure your organization meets the requirements.

  • Prepare Your Application:

Gather all required documentation and prepare a detailed application that explains your organization’s financial situation and the need for urgent assistance.

  • Submit Your Application:

Submit your application before the deadline through the designated online portal or email address provided by the funding organization.

  • Await Notification:

After submitting your application, await notification regarding the status of your request. Successful applicants will be notified and provided with further instructions.

  • Utilize Resources:

If awarded a grant, utilize the funds responsibly to address immediate needs and sustain your organization’s operations. Take advantage of any capacity-building assistance or support provided to strengthen your organization’s resilience.

  • Official Website:

For more information and to access the application guidelines and forms, visit the official website [https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/opportunities/prospect-details/179931PROSPECTSEN?keywords=EuropeAid%2F179931%2FDD%2FACT%2FMulti].

Documentation Requirements

Applicants must submit the following documentation along with their applications:

  • A detailed description of the organization’s current financial situation, including budget projections and financial statements.
  • An explanation of the specific challenges or hardships the organization is facing and how the grant funds will be used to address them.
  • Any relevant supporting documents, such as audit reports, bank statements, or letters of support from partner organizations.

Tips for Successful Application

Tips for Successful Application of Urgent Hardship Grants for Organizations in the MENA Region are as follows:

  • Clearly articulate the organization’s financial need and the impact of the current crisis on its operations.
  • Provide a detailed plan for how the grant funds will be used to address immediate needs and sustain the organization’s activities.
  • Demonstrate the organization’s track record of delivering effective and impactful programs, highlighting past achievements and successes.
  • Ensure that all required documentation is complete, accurate, and submitted on time.
  • Seek assistance or guidance from funding organizations or support networks if needed to strengthen the application.

In conclusion:

Urgent hardship grants play a vital role in providing timely assistance to organizations in the MENA region facing financial difficulties. By supporting these organizations, we ensure the continuity of essential services and programs that benefit vulnerable communities during times of crisis. Organizations are encouraged to apply for these grants and take advantage of the support available to sustain their critical work in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

What support is available for organizations that receive Urgent Hardship Grants?

In addition to financial assistance, organizations may receive capacity-building support to enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness in the long term.

How can organizations apply for Urgent Hardship Grants?

Organizations can typically apply through an online application process provided by the grant program, following instructions and guidelines outlined by the funding organization.

What are some examples of activities that may not be funded through Urgent Hardship Grants?

Activities not aligned with the intended use of funds or that violate ethical or legal standards may not be funded, such as political campaigning or activities unrelated to the organization’s mission.



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