The Updated Yarbo Robot Effectively Cleans Up While You Are Inside

The updated Yarbo Robot effectively cleans up while you are inside. Yarbo for those that don’t know is a modular work robot that effectively plows snow and also blows leaves so that you don’t have to at all. And at the just concluded CES 2024 event held in Las Vegas, we got to see an update that could really make a huge difference.

The Updated Yarbo Robot

The Updated Yarbo Robot

When I was still a toddler to a young man growing up in rural Illinois, I really hated snowstorms simply because they meant that I would have to bundle up and shovel the driveway for my mom the next day. I at the time dreamt of a utopian future in which robots could effectively do this work for me. And at CES 2024, that very dream became reality.

Yarbo for those that don’t know is a modular yard robot with several attachments that can both easily and effectively handle different types of yard work, from mowing your own lawn to blowing leaves and so much more. Their newest attachment in question, which is the Snow Blower S1 Plus, improves on the older S1 with the capability to effectively process snowdrifts that are 16 inches high, a really timely benefit as the first big winter storm of the season rolls across the U.S. this very week.

Specs and Features of the Updated Yarbo Robot

Features of this very piece of tech include obstacle avoidance as well as yard mapping to make sure that the robot is equipped to effectively and autonomously handle your yard. The snow blower attachment on the other hand can throw snow up to 40 feet, and even rotates 180 degrees, making sure that the robot does not sabotage its very own progress. And once your yard is mapped, create and schedule a cleaning plan directly in the Yarbo app and the bot on the other hand will do the rest.

Price and Availability

You can buy your Yarbo components a la carte, or go for a bundle if it is that you expect to automate outdoor maintenance year-round. The body of the bot is $4,499, and additional components on the other hand range from $1,499 to $2,459 in price.

The updated Snow Blower S1 Plus model as you should know comes out in the latter parts of this year, but the existing S1 model in question is still very much available for acquisition now.



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