The BioLite Alpenglow Rechargeable Mini Lantern Is Currently 25% off This Black Friday

The BioLite Alpenglow rechargeable mini lantern is currently 25% off this Black Friday. This very item is the main light source during my camping.

BioLite Alpenglow Rechargeable Mini Lantern Black Friday

It is bright and very small. The item is also rechargeable and it is 25% off this black Friday. The BioLite Alpenglow mini lantern as you should know is just the perfect size for a camping trip, stocking stiffer, or go bag.

BioLite Alpenglow Rechargeable Mini Lantern Black Friday

This very year, I reportedly pledged to go light. Specifically, I just really wanted to figure out just how I could pack light for several camping trips that I took this summer and for a go bag that I have spent way too much time worrying over. (Anyways, here is the multitool that I finally chose for my emergency kit.) And I really didn’t want to spend too much money on the items as sometimes these cool small things really come with premium price tags.

Someone just recently gave me advice that helped. And the advice in question is that packing a go bag is not that much different than packing for a camping trip. Both as you should know include items that you will need to survive away from your home for some time. And with that very situation in mind, I began looking for items that could do double duty, and the BioLite Alpenglow Mini 150 Lumen Rechargeable Lantern in question ticks both boxes. And the item is 25% off for Black Friday, just so you know.

Specs and features of the BioLite Alpenglow Rechargeable Mini Lantern

This very palm-size light source is way smaller than a can of tuna and also half its weight, and I really don’t notice its weight or size when it has been stowed in my backpack. Charged through a USB-C cable, the lamp in question casts enough light for 40 hours when set on low just before I need to recharge.

And by default, I can effectively set the pint-size lantern to white, or even get to adjust the brightness and then pick different colors, and this is inclusive of a multilight cycle simply by pressing the top. (“A party light!” declared by Mary-Elisabeth Combs of CNET when I gave her a quick demo.)

Why You Should Get This Item for Black Friday

The BioLite Alpenglow Mini 150 as you should know comes with a very clever bungee cord that is reportedly attached to the bottom that allows me to hang the lantern from a tree branch or even a tent pole. It also has a battery meter so I can always keep an eye on the charge. Now all I just need to pair it with is a portable solar panel, and I’m all set.



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