This Citrus Juicer Is Only $12 for Black Friday

This citrus juicer is only $12 for Black Friday. This very item is one of my favorite new kitchen gadgets in the year 2023. The Fluicer as it is called works way better than the crappy clamshell juicer that you already have, trust me. Personally, I will be putting one in the stocking of everyone this very year and you too should.

Citrus Juicer for Black Friday

Citrus Juicer for Black Friday

The only thing that I like more than a freshly squeezed margarita is a quicker way to make it. The Fluicer as you should know is the best handheld citrus juicer that I have ever used, and it is my favorite new kitchen gadget for the year 2023, and it’s down to just $12 at the moment on Amazon (which normally goes for $17) for the medium size (which is the one that I recommend).

Why You Should Get This Item This Holiday Season

So what’s really the big fuss about this product and item? I reportedly saw the Fluicer at a kitchen trade show in the early parts of 2023. And at that moment, all the painful memories of trying to juice limes as well as lemons with a hopeless clamshell juicer just came flooding back. The Fluicer in question works far more efficiently just by bending the lemon or lime half as it squeezes, thus pulverizing the fruit effectively and then getting at least 25% more juice out.

The Three Sizes of the Fluicer and What They Are Meant For

The Fluicer as you should know comes in three sizes that are meant to squeeze, limes, lemons, or oranges. I really find the medium (yellow) to be the most versatile. That size in question easily juices limes lemons and most orange slices without having to eat up too much space in your drawer. And needless to say, I’m getting one for everyone that is on my holiday list at this very price, and you should, too, just so you know.



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