Save Big on Speck iPhone 15 Cases with This Promo

Save big on Speck iPhone 15 cases with this promo. If it is that you are looking to protect your brand-new iPhone 15 smartphone, then you should do well to take advantage of this very exclusive CNET promo code that will reportedly save you a whopping 20% off.

Speck iPhone 15 Cases Promo

Speck iPhone 15 Cases Promo

If you recently purchased an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro, then one of the first things that you should do is acquire a phone case for them in a bid to keep them safe. That as you should know is especially the case given the fact that they are some of the best iPhones so far and they are worth a fortune depending on where it is that you get them from. Fortunately, CNET has an exclusive promo code from Speck that will allow you to save a whopping 20% on your order.

What Speck Offers

That order in question does not have to be only for cases, either. Speck for those that don’t know has other accessories available in its arsenal, and this is including screen protectors which is never a bad idea, plus stands, grips, wallets, and many more. They’re all compatible with the new iPhone smartphones, so ensure to add what it is that you want to your order just before checking out if it is that you want to save 20% on everything. Enter the code CNET20 to lock in that discount.

What to Expect From This Sale

There are many and several cases to select from whether it is that you are on the lookout to protect the iPhone 15 or the range-topping iPhone 15 Pro Max device, there are even cases with the ClickLock MagSafe support of Speck in a range of colors, while folks who prefer their own cases to be crystal clear can select one of those too. And with some very interesting iPhone 15 colors on offer on the platform, that could very well be the best way to go. We are not really sure as to those muted iPhone 15 Pro colors though.

When Will This Offer End

You however should not forget to enter the discount code CNET20 when you are checking out, and that this every deal will also end on January 16 at midnight PST. That there, simply means that you just have under two days to make your buy, but you should not forget, that you will end up paying way more that you originally had to.



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