The Brand New Apple TV App is Set to Ultimately Replace iTunes

A brand new Apple TV app is set to ultimately replace iTunes, which is quite intriguing. To create a one stop shop for all of your TV and movie enjoyment, Apple is streamlining its TV app. The present Apple TV App offers a complex collection of movies and TV shows.

The Brand-new Apple TV App is Set to Ultimately Replace iTunes

When the standalone TV app was first revealed in 2016 and the brand-new TV app made its promise to “bring together favorite shows and movies from Apple TV channels, iTunes, and over 150 video applications” in 2019, that was the original plan. And Apple’s doing it once more now. With a single TV app to rule them all, it’s doing it right this time.

Nevertheless, Apple TV 4K still comes with three TV and movie apps, in spite of the company’s simplification efforts. The TV app combines Apple TV+ with other streaming services like Paramount Plus, Disney Plus / Hulu, and others.

TV shows will be linked to that area of the iTunes Store, while iTunes Movies links to the movie section in a similar manner. Both the corresponding sections of the iTunes Store and the iTunes apps will disappear. From now on, the TV app will contain movies and TV shows.

Bloomberg Reportedly Broke the Story About the App Change

The report, which is behind a paywall, was leaked by Bloomberg and details how Apple intends to provide a single app for users to access videos. It also indicates that the upgrade will occur in a few weeks as part of a tvOS update that is slated for “around December.”

The iTunes apps are relics from the age when iTunes was an all-encompassing program. This led to it being hideously bloated as it expanded beyond only offering music to include TV, movies, and apps as well.

Third-party Subscription Services Will Be Included In The Main Apple TV Interface

Furthermore, third-party subscription services are also included in the main Apple TV interface. Streaming app platforms are eager to remove friction. As demonstrated by the agreement between Amazon Prime Video and Crunchyroll to distribute the anime catalog.

This means that instead of needing to run multiple TV and movie apps on your device, you can use the Amazon or Apple app and your Amazon or Apple account to access a wide variety of content from a variety of sources.



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