Apple is Moving The iTunes Movie Trailers App Into The Apple TV App

Apple is moving the iTunes movie trailers app into the Apple TV app. The tech company is reportedly winding down its classic and more than a decade-old movie trailer-watching iPhone app. And it is now moving it to the Apple TV app.

Apple iTunes Movie Trailers App

Apple’s classic iTunes Movie Trailers app for iOS is very much surprisingly still around, but MacRumors have now reported that it won’t be for much longer. The over-a-decade-old app that allows people to watch film trailers and previews and then get movie theater showtimes will soon be winding down. But Apple as you know will not be getting out of the trailer screening business. The company instead, based on a new banner appearing on the top of the Trailers app, it now appears that the trailers will end up in the Apple TV app.

“Apple TV app is the new home of iTunes Movie Trailers,” reveals the banner on the top of the aging Movie Trailers app. The very same banner message also exists on the top of the website of the classic iTunes Movie Trailers, which as you should know is still very much live and also retains a blast-from-the-past circa-2009 Apple web design. And according to MacRumors, this very banner in question initially appeared on August 9th.

If it is that you are still looking for trailers, The Verge was just able to verify that there is now a new “Movie and TV Trailers” section within the Store menu of the Apple TV app, but it is however a bit hidden. And if you want to see it, you will need to scroll way down in the Store menu in a bid to find the Movie and TV Trailers icon.

The Classic Movie Trailers App Is Still Available On Apple TV

The classic Movie Trailers app confusingly, is also still available on Apple TV as well, and it too also displays the banner in question. This simply means that these apps probably are not going to be sticking around much longer.

The iTunes Movie Trailers app as you should now has certainly been showing its age. It has many older Apple software design elements, and with dark mode activated on the app, many headers on the platform appear barely readable. The app in question, which originally launched back in 2011, stemmed from the Y2K-era Quicktime Movie Trailers website of Apple, which was where people would initially go to watch high-quality versions of trailers just before YouTube arrived and then made playing videos directly in the browser easy as well as consistently viewable.

Future of Some of the App Features Going Forward

Personally, I used to make use of this app all the time to get movie showtimes, but that very feature now seems to have broken at some point, as the app does not populate all the films that my local theater is showing. And as of this moment, selecting Barbie in the new Apple TV Trailers experience takes you directly to a preorder screen telling you to shell out $24.99, with no options for showings around your area. So with that, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the old movie showtimes feature to be sticking around in this new iteration.



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