Rice University Acceptance Rate 2023 – How to Get Into Rice University

Rice University, ranked 17th in the latest US News and World Report’s list of National Universities, has a strong partnership with NASA. Established in 1912 as the Rice Institute, the university currently accommodates approximately 4,000 undergraduate students on its 300-acre urban campus in Houston, Texas. The admission rate for the Class of 2026 was 8.6%, and for the Class of 2027, it stood at 7.9%, considering both admissions rounds.

Rice University Acceptance Rate

It’s understandable that students are eager to learn about the acceptance rate, admission requirements, and application procedure at Rice University. In this article, we will provide in-depth information to help you prepare and excel in your college application. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know.

Rice University Acceptance Rate For Class Of 2027

In the Class of 2027, Rice University received a total of 31,059 applicants and admitted 2,399 students, resulting in an acceptance rate of 7.9%, which is the lowest in the college’s history. It is worth noting that 21% of the admitted class did not submit their test scores. Regarding the Early Decision round for the Class of 2027, Rice accepted 486 students out of 2,953 applicants, which marked their highest number of early applicants to date, with an acceptance rate of 16.5%. In terms of geographic distribution, 41% of the admitted students are from Texas, 46% are from out-of-state, and 13% are international students.

In the previous year, the Class of 2026, Rice University set a record low acceptance rate by admitting only 8.6 percent of the 31,424 applicants. Among the admitted students, 2,691 received offers of admission, including 510 students from the Early Decision round.

Rice University Acceptance Rate For Class Of 2027

Class of 2027 Number of Applicants Number of Admitted Student Number of Enrollment Acceptance Rate
Early Decision 2,953 486 470 16.5%
Regular Decision 28,106 1,961 655 7.0%
Overall 31,059 2,447 1,125 7.9%

Rice University Early Decision Acceptance Rate

According to Vice President of Enrollment Yvonne Romero da Silva, Rice University admitted a total of 486 new students to the Class of 2027 on December 14th. Out of these, 417 were admitted through the Early Decision round, while 69 were admitted through the Questbridge National College Match program. This resulted in an acceptance rate of 16.5%. The number of applications received for the Early Decision round, which was 2,743, marked the highest number of applications ever received for this round.

Rice University Regular Decision Acceptance Rate For Class Of 2027

For the regular decision cycle of Rice University’s Class of 2027, there were 28,306 applicants. Out of these, 1,913 students were accepted, resulting in an acceptance rate of approximately 7.0% This acceptance rate was lower than the acceptance rates for both the Class of 2026 and the Class of 2025.

Although the number of applicants for the regular decision cycle of the Class of 2027 was slightly lower than the previous year, the acceptance rate for this cycle remained significantly less than that of the Class of 2026.

This pattern of a lower acceptance rate for regular decisions compared to early decisions has been observed over the past three years.

What SAT, ACT, And GPA Do I Need To Get Into Rice University?

To be considered for admission to Rice University, it is necessary to achieve an average SAT score of 1560 out of 1600. However, this score is not easily attainable, so it is important to study strategically in order to reach this target. It is recommended to aim for a score higher than the Rice average, as 1560 alone may not be enough to secure admission.

For the ACT, Rice University expects a score between 34 and 36. It is advisable to aim for a score of 34 or higher to meet their eligibility criteria. Achieving a score higher than the requirement can make a positive impression and potentially place your application at the top of the list.

The minimum GPA required by Rice University is 3.96 on a 4.0 scale, equivalent to at least 90% in high school. However, it is essential to understand that meeting the GPA criteria alone does not guarantee admission to Rice University. There are other factors to consider, which will be discussed further to ensure your chances of securing a spot.

How to Get Into Rice University

To increase your chances of being admitted to Rice University, it is important to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Apply to Rice University through the Early Decision option, which shows your strong commitment to attending the university if accepted.
  • In addition to meeting the GPA, SAT, and ACT requirements, take part in various courses and enroll in advanced classes to enhance the strength of your academic profile.
  • Since the authorities do not conduct interviews with first-year students, focus on making your resume as impressive as possible to increase your chances of being selected based on that.
  • Craft well-written supplemental essays to accompany your application form. Use this opportunity to showcase your qualifications, explain why you deserve admission, and highlight other relevant aspects. A compelling essay can persuade the admissions committee to consider you for acceptance at Rice University.
  • Engage in at least one or two Tier 1-2 extracurricular activities that demonstrate your unique interests and achievements.
  • Rice University requires applicants to submit three letters of recommendation: one from their high school counselor or advisor, and two from teachers. Teacher recommendations should emphasize your academic strengths and contributions in the classroom. Ideally, one of the teacher’s recommendations should be related to your intended field of study. If you believe it provides valuable insight into your talents and abilities, you may also submit a supplemental letter of recommendation.

Rice University Admission Requirements

  • Use either the Coalition with Scoir or the Common Application along with the Rice writing supplement.
  • Submit a $75 nonrefundable application fee online.
  • Provide standardized test scores
  • Submit an official high school transcript.
  • Obtain recommendation letters from the school counselor, Teacher 1, and Teacher 2.
  • Agree to the early decision agreement
  • Submit an architecture portfolio (only for architecture applicants).

How to Apply to Rice University

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