One of the Best 3D Printers Is Currently Down To $599 This Black Friday

One of the best 3D printers, tested and trusted is currently down to $599 this Black Friday. The Bambu Lab P1S is the best 3D printer according to CNET and it currently has a saving of $100 this Black Friday.

Best 3D Printers this Black Friday

Best 3D Printers this Black Friday

If it is that you are looking to get into 3D printing or if it is that you just want to expand your collection, then you should know that Black Friday is a fantastic time to go shopping. The 3D printer deals in question that around this time offer shoppers some of the best discounts that you will get to see all year, so it’s an excellent time to spend some cash.

The Bambu lab P1S, which is the best 3D printer of the year according to CNET, this very year has a discount of $100, reportedly bringing the price down to just $599, which as you should know is the lowest price that we have ever seen and it has been and that said, an absolute bargain for this machine.

Specs and Features of the Bamboo Lab P1S 3D Printer

The P1S as you should know is the update to the P1P, and that said, it is my go-to printer for just about any 3D printing job that I have. The speed at which this device prints, coupled with the fantastic quality it sports, make it quite a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The P1P in question had those qualities as well, but at the time arrived at your door as a shell, without any side panels, doors, or even a top. The P1S just as all of those so it can print PETG, TPU, and ABS much better than the P1P could ever.

Why You Should Get In On This Offer

The P1S normally is $100 more than the P1P, and it is inclusive of those upgrades as well as a camera that allows you to monitor your prints as well as also record cool time-lapse videos for your social media. With this very $100 discount, the P1S printer is now the same price as the P1P is usually so you are essentially getting all of the mentioned upgrades for free. If it is that there ever was a time to purchase a new printer it is now, and the P1S in question should be the one you get to purchase.



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