Microsoft Is Set To Bring Its Xbox Dashboard to the Web

Microsoft is set to bring its Xbox dashboard to the web with party chat and many more. Xbox Cloud Gaming as you should know is all set to get an updated interface with features that you would normally see and find on an Xbox console.

Microsoft to Bring Its Xbox Dashboard to the Web

Microsoft to Bring Its Xbox Dashboard to the Web

Today, Microsoft is giving a sneak peek of a new Xbox Cloud Gaming interface that mirrors the social features and user interface you’d typically find on the Xbox dashboard.

This revamped interface includes access to a web version of Xbox party chat, allowing users to join calls with friends directly from a browser, bypassing the need for dedicated Xbox desktop and mobile apps.

The Updated Web Interface Features

The updated web interface also offers features like finding and managing Xbox friends, sending messages, viewing user profiles and achievements, and accessing notifications. Initially, Microsoft is testing these enhancements with Xbox Insiders before making them available to all Xbox Cloud Gaming users.

Since this interface is part of Xbox Cloud Gaming, most of its features will also be accessible on smart TVs and Meta’s Quest VR headsets. However, the Xbox party chat feature on the web is not yet available on smart TVs.

How This New Development Is Different From the Xbox Console Home Screen UI

The Xbox Cloud Gaming interface already resembled the Xbox console Home screen UI, but the addition of Guide features is a significant improvement. Previously, most of this functionality was only accessible after launching an Xbox cloud game.

Now, being able to initiate an Xbox party chat on the web and seamlessly continue it between game sessions will greatly benefit Xbox Cloud Gaming players.



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