Xbox Cloud Gaming Now on Windows 10 Xbox App – How to Launch Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now on windows 10 Xbox App, but only available to a select few. Earlier in the year, Microsoft decided to roll out the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta right on windows 10 PCs and iOS. At first, Cloud Gaming was available on Xbox Game Pass ultimate subscribers via browser-based streaming, but at the moment, we would be seeing Microsoft bringing the cloud gaming to the Xbox app right on Windows 10 PCs. But unfortunately, only a select number can access this functionality.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Now on Windows 10 Xbox App

Xbox Cloud Gaming Now on Windows 10 Xbox App

If you happen to be around for quite some time, you should already be aware of all the select users. The select users are Xbox Insiders, who have received the beta features for testing right before they roll out to all their users. On Xbox Wire currently, Microsoft decided to announce that they would be launching the Xbox Cloud Gaming straight to the Xbox app that is on PC to insiders in 22 countries.

How to Launch Xbox Cloud Gaming

So, for an insider launch to take place, this would be a pretty big one. If you happen to be an insider that is getting functionality today, all you are required to do is to:

  • Tap into it and connect a controller to your PC. Either a wired or Bluetooth
  • Open the Xbox App
  • Click on the newly-added “cloud games” button
  • Then choose the game that you wish to play.

Microsoft happens to be in possession of no indication of when support for the cloud streaming via the Xbox app would be launching for everyone. But still, it would probably be soon considering the number of countries Microsoft is launching this Insider Preview in. at the moment, ultimate subscribers that are not Insider have a limited time to play these cloud games via their web browsers.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud gaming has gone through a rather large expansion in the past months, and the fact that it’s now available on iOS is really impressive when you consider that an iOS launch for Xbox Game Pass looked quite grim at a time. Soon enough, Microsoft would be providing more updates on Xbox Cloud Gaming Now on Windows 10 Xbox App.


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