Nigerians to Effectively Monitor Government Performance via Upgraded Tracker Platform

Nigerians to effectively monitor government performance via upgraded tracker platform. The Nigerian government has introduced an improved Citizens’ Delivery Tracker App, enabling Nigerians to assess the performance of ministers, departments, and agencies.

Nigerians to Monitor Government Performance

Through this app, citizens can provide real-time feedback on various policies, projects, and programs.

Nigerians to Monitor Government Performance

Hadiza Bala-Usman, the Special Adviser to the President on Policy and Coordination, unveiled the upgraded Citizens’ Delivery Tracker App in Abuja. The app allows Nigerians to evaluate the performance of ministers, departments, and agencies and provide real-time feedback on policies, projects, and programs.

Citizens can access the app at, and it will soon be available in mobile app stores. The Citizens’ Tracker App serves as a platform for citizens to assess ministers’ performance in the current government administration.

Government Performance Tracking Platforms

In August 2022, the government launched two government performance tracking platforms: the Presidential Delivery Tracker (PDT) and the website of the Central Delivery Coordination Unit (CDCU). These platforms help citizens track the government’s deliverables and performance on policies, projects, and programs.

The Administration’s Goal of Ensuring Citizen-Centric Governance

Bala-Usman, also the head of the CDCU, emphasized that the recent launch aligns with the administration’s goal of ensuring citizen-centric governance for accountability and transparency. Citizens can use the app to track the performance of sectors like aviation, aiding in enforcing sanctions against underperforming airlines.

Delivery Reporting Framework and Template

The CDCU developed a Delivery Reporting Framework and Template to assist in accurately assessing and reporting government performance. The app allows citizens to assess specific deliverables and key performance indicators related to the government’s priority areas, such as economic reform for inclusive growth.

The CDCU’s Quarterly and Annual Scorecards Presented To the President

These assessments guide the CDCU’s quarterly and annual scorecards presented to the president. Bala-Usman assured that the CDCU is committed to tracking, monitoring, and reporting on MDA performance.



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