Reasons Why you Should Be Using the Xbox Mobile App with Your Series X

This article entails Reasons Why you Should Be Using the Xbox Mobile App with Your Series X. It does not matter if you are a social gamer, or someone who prefers playing video games all by yourself, the Xbox Mobile app has something in store for you.

Reasons Why you Should Be Using the Xbox Mobile App with Your Series X

with the tons of great features incorporated with the Xbox Series X, there has never been a much better time for you to get your console synced with its mobile companion app.

Microsoft has made it easier for you to make use of the Xbox Live account across all of its platforms. So you would require the same username and password that is on your console to get started on the Xbox App. Just make sure that you are running on iOS version 10 or higher, or Android version 6.0 or higher, to avoid issues that have to do with incompatibility.

Reasons Why You Should Use the Xbox Mobile App with Your Series X

Stay in Touch with Your Gaming Friends

If you are the type that like the game online with your friends, the Xbox app is one amazing way for you to remain in touch while you are not close to your Xbox Series X, or if you do not like making use of the built-in social features on the console. Whether you want to check in on your best friend with a quick message, or you would like to join an Xbox Live Party with a group of buddies, the app covers all of your social bases.

Nowadays, you do not need to type out messages letter-by-letter using your Xbox’s Direction pad or using a microphone to record an audio message. If you are logged in to the Xbox app using your Live account, you should be able to view your friend’s profiles and send them direct messages by making use of your smartphone’s keyboard.

Also, you can start a party or join an existing one with the app. This is a great tool if you do not have a compatible gaming Microphone for your Xbox Series X. with the app, you should be able to make use of your Phone’s built-in microphone or external headphones to talk with your friends while both of your games together online.

Sending Game Clips from your Console to the App

Being able to share your favorite Xbox gaming moments happens to be one of the best features here, and it would definitely save you a substantial amount of time.

Exporting your clips to the Xbox app is a lot easier than it sounds. While playing a game on your Series X console, you should be able to capture up to about 2 minutes of previous gameplay footage for you to be able to save and share, As stated by Xbox. Also, you can preemptively record up to 10 minutes of gameplay on the Xbox Series X’s internal storage, and up to an hour of gameplay on external Storage devices.

Use the App to Control Your Console Remotely

The Xbox App also offers you substantial remote control over your series X while you are staying away from the console. Once this feature has been initiated, you should be able to scroll through the menus, start and stop media playback, and enter text inputs with your smartphone. However, in other for this to work, you are expected to be sure you have toggled on with your console first, according to Microsoft.

  • Open the guide on your Series X by pressing the “Xbox” button on your controller.
  • Then head to “Profile and system” > “Settings” Devices” > “Remote features”.
  • Enable the remote features by checking the box.
  • Then select “Standby” under sleep mode

After you have turned on remote features with your console, you can choose to start remote controlling with the Xbox app.

  • Tap on the console icon on the Xbox app’s home tab
  • Once you have selected your console, tap the remote-control option
  • This would offer you all the available remote controls for your console

If you have multiple consoles activated for remote control right under your Xbox Live account, you will want to navigate to the “my Library” tab on the app to pick the appropriate console. Otherwise, the app will default to the most recently used console.

Download and Install Games Remotely with the App

Once you have initiated remote control for your Xbox Series X, the next step you can take is to download and then install games remotely with the Xbox app. This tool is quite helpful for managing your device’s storage and game library from afar.

However, if you are in possession of multiple consoles under your Xbox Live account, you would want to be sure you have each one uniquely named in other to avoid errors in the download location.

  • Launch the guide by pressing the “Xbox” button available on your controller
  • Then Navigate to Profile & System > Settings > System > Console info > Choose Name.
  • Enter a unique name using just letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  • Select Restart Now

Once you have named your console, you can use your app to download and install games while you are away from your home.

  • Search for the game that you would like to download and then install on the app
  • Select download to console and then select the right appropriate from list.

In addition to downloading and installing games remotely, you can uninstall games if you are running out of storage on your console. Under the app’s home tab, select the console icon and tap “Manage installed games.” Then, select the game that you would want to uninstall, select the options icon, and then tap on “Uninstall.”

Play Your Console’s Games on the Xbox App with Remote Play

Remote Play is one of the most recent advancements in Microsoft’s cloud gaming efforts and will allow you to stream games on your mobile phone that is installed on your Xbox Series X. it is an amazing way for you to stay up-to-date on your favorite games while you are away from your console.

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