How to Connect a PS4 Controller to Xbox One

In this article, I would be explaining the steps on how to Connect a PS4 controller to Xbox One. This method is quite amazing because this is something that no one would expect to be possible. But now, it is possible, and below I would be stating just how to get it done.

How to Connect a PS4 Controller to Xbox One

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How to Connect a PS4 Controller to Xbox One

To kick off the connection of the PS4 controller to your Xbox One first you would be required to make use of the CronusMax Plus Adapter. This adapter is one of the most reliable for you to connect your controller to the console.

  • First, plug the CronusMAX PLUS into your PC that is connected to the internet and it would install its drivers automatically
  • Right after the CronusMAX Plus is loaded onto the PC, Load the Cronus PRO application tool and select “Tools” > “Options” > “Device”.
  • After that set the output Protocol to Xbox One, Shown as XB1 in the drop-down list located at the top of the menu.
  • Be sure to confirm that the “Enabled DualShock 4/Wiimite Bluetooth Searching box has been checked.
  • Take out the CronusMAX PLUS right from your PC and then plug it right into one of the Xbox One via the USB port. Once that is done, the CronusMAX PLUS would start to show “AU” on its LED display for “Authentication.”
  • Take out the batteries on the Xbox One Controller. If any Xbox One controller is connected to the console, its signal can overwrite the PS4 controller
  • Once the numbers pop up on the CronusMAX PLUS, disconnect the Xbox one controller and then search for standby animation. This would look just like two halves of a circle that is turning around the display.
  • You can choose to connect your Xbox One controller to the CronusMAX PLUS making use of the USB cable. The display on the adapter should be switched right from “AU” to “0.”
  • After that, connect a Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter to your CronusMAX PLUS
  • After that, Hold the SHARE and PS buttons found on your PS4 controller
  • The controller would start flashing white, indicating that it is searching for a connection: it should locate the CronusMAX PLUS. And after a few seconds of this, the light bar color should change.
  • Look for the number on the CronusMAX PLUS to change to “O” once again. Once this occurs, the controller should be connected and set for use.
  • Search for the number on the CronusMAX PLUS in other to change it to “O” again. Once this happens, the controller should be connected and set for use.

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How to Disable Bluetooth Searching

If you want to make use of the PS4 controller alongside your Xbox one from henceforth, and you don’t want to go through the process each time, you can choose to disable Bluetooth searching to make the device remain connected.

By Disabling Bluetooth searching makes subsequent connections a lot easier so you can choose to start gaming a lot faster. The steps on how to disable it is highlighted below:

  • First, connect the CronusMAX PLUS right to your PC and then access Cronus PRO.
  • Make sure that you enable the DualShock 4/Wiimote Bluetooth Searching box is not checked.
  • Try repeating steps 5-9 from the above section
  • Push on the PS button on your PS4 controller
  • Follow steps 11 and 12. At this point, your PlayStation 4 controller should get connected to your Xbox One.

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How Do I Use my PS4 controller on my Xbox One controller without CronusMAX?

There are some other adapters meant for connecting your PS4 Controller to an Xbox One just like the Brook Super Converter. The deal with the CronusMAX is that it is one of the best because it can be used on various controllers.

How do I Sync a PS4 Controller to my PC?

In other for you to sync your PS4 controller to your PC, plug in the PS4 controller into your PC, update the steam client, then head to “view” > “settings” > “controller” > “general controller settings” and then make sure to check the “PlayStation Configuration Support” Box. Beneath the controllers, select your PS4 controller and select “preferences” in other to configure the settings.

How do I Fix the controller When my PS4 controller Won’t Connect to my PS4?

If your PS4 controller is failing to connect to your PS4, check the USB cable and battery, disconnect your controller from other devices, and take out the Bluetooth interference. If you still cannot sync your controller, you might need to reset it.

Can I Connect my PS4 Controller to Xbox One with an Adapter?

No. the two devices are not compatible seeing as they were designed for different consoles. So, if you must make any connection between the two devices, then you need to connect it to an adapter.

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