Windows 11 2022 Update Offers Gamers Two New Features

Windows 11’s 2022 new update offers gamers two new features to make games much better. These two new improvements include a new controller bar and it brings the option to select graphics.

Windows 11 2022 Update Offers Gamers Two New Features

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Windows 11 2022 Update Offers Gamers Two New Features

First, we would begin with the new controller bar, which happens to be a new controller-friendly view for the Xbox Game Bar. All those playing the game using a controller can bring it up with just one tap, by just pressing the Xbox button on the Microsoft Controller and it offers a compact bar that allows you to easily make use of the controller to access your most recently used games.

Right on the boosting visuals front, a big move is an addition of a new HDR calibration app for the windows 11 2022 update which as you would guess, is for those that have an HDR monitor. This tool allows for better tuning of color accuracy and making sure that bright areas are not blown out.

More Amazing Features

Further good news for all those with an HDR-Capable Monitor is that Auto HDR, which is the feature that boosts brightness and the color range to simulate HDR for games that do not offer support for it, is now available to more games. This upgrade offers windows 11 improved DirectStorage support over a broader range of drive configurations.

Finally, for all those that run games in windows instead of full-screen, windowed gaming has been vastly improved. Microsoft has introduced an auto HDR and variable refresh rate (VRR) support to windows games. Also, the DX10 and DX11 games would be “dramatically improved” display latency when running in windowed mode with the 2022 update.

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Some Handy Upgrades

While there is no revolutionary upgrade for games here, there are still some minor and solid upgrades that will improve the quality of life in a number of scenarios.

It is really amazing for you to see the Auto HDR support being extended, and the calibration tool turns out to be a useful boon also. All those that are making use of an HDR monitor would certainly be getting some love from Microsoft here, and just as previously stated, so are those that would be running games in windowed mode.

Not a lot of people do that, but still, there are some cases for windowed gaming, and promises of a dramatic boost for display latency sound like very good news indeed when it comes to smooth gameplay.

Controller Bar

Back in May of this year, we welcomed the controller bar when it appeared in preview, and at that time, it was still in the works and has quite some bugs. So hopefully all those glitches would have all been ironed out, though as we know from previous experience, it is not unusual for us to face issues when a fresh upgrade kicks in, especially a big feature update like this one.

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