Amazon Now Let’s Players Purchase Games on Its Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon now let’s players purchase games on its cloud gaming service, but there is a catch though. The catch here is that you can only buy Ubisoft games on the platform. This means that it is that you want to buy Assassin’s Creed Mirage on Amazon Luna, you can easily and effectively do it. Another interesting thing here is that if you do that, you just might be able to also play it on another cloud service.

Amazon Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon now offers users the said ability to purchase games on its Luna cloud gaming service, but the new feature in question comes with a big catch: well, at least for now, as you will only be able to buy select Ubisoft games and titles.

For me, Amazon was advertising games you can buy right on the main Luna homepage, including the just-released Assassin’s Creed Mirage. However, if it is that you end up buying a Ubisoft game on Luna, you will need an Amazon Prime or a Luna Plus subscription in order to be able to stream that purchased game, as per an Amazon blog post about the new feature.

The ability to purchase games is all well and good on its own end; as you could only play games on Luna simply by subscribing to specific channels of content prior to this, thus accessing a rotating set of games that are available to Amazon Prime subscribers, or even playing Ubisoft games that you already owned for PC on the cloud gaming service. And according to Amazon, you will be able to play the Ubisoft games that you purchase through Luna offline on your PC, too.

What to Expect From the New Feature

But the announcement from Amazon regarding the new feature hints at the possibility that you can get to play those purchased Ubisoft games on other cloud services out there as well.

Since you own the license of the game, that language on its own makes it seem like you can, say, purchase a Ubisoft game on Luna, stream it for a tad bit on Luna, and then follow up with your progress through another cloud gaming service such Nvidia’s GeForce Now. The good news here is that after we initially published this article, Jessica Roache of Ubisoft revealed and confirmed to The Verge that you will be able to play games that you buy on Luna on services such as GeForce Now (though not every game in question supports cross-progression).

The Plans of the Company to Allow Customers to Buy and Stream Non-Ubisoft Games

Amazon spokesperson Sasha Mealor declined to comment on the matter and also declined to comment when asked if the company plans to allow customers to buy and stream non-Ubisoft games at some point in the near future. Google offered the ability to buy games on Stadia to users which is its now-shuttered cloud service.



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