Fortnite Is Now On Amazon Luna

Fortnite is now on Amazon Luna, but you will however need a subscription package in order to get access to it. Nvidia and Microsoft on the other hand allow gamers to play for free.

Fortnite on Amazon Luna

Fortnite on Amazon Luna

Fortnite which is one of the most popular games in the world has now become a de facto test of the interest of the public in streaming games just as they stream Netflix or even YouTube. The game has been entirely free to stream from GeForce Now by Nvidia or Xbox Cloud Gaming by Microsoft to almost any type of device, no form of download or even paid subscription required for it.

And today, Amazon Luna is set to join the team. Fortnite has been the most requested game from Luna customers in the U.S. and we’re thrilled to bring the title to the service,” reads a statement from Daniel Rausch, Amazon’s devices and services VP.

Amazon Will Require a Paid Subscription from Users to Begin

Amazon unlike its competitors, will require a paid subscription from users to begin — albeit one that you might already pay for.

You can easily stream Fortnite for free with the same Amazon Prime subscription that you already might use for free shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, and others. And while originally he told us that it would only be for the month of May, Amazon third-party spokesperson Eric Nielsen now reveals to The Verge that “Fortnite will be a Prime Gaming offer indefinitely so it will always be free to play for Prime members.”

Or, you can choose to pay $9.99 a month for a Luna+ subscription (which as you should know, the first seven days are free). You should just know that the Luna+ catalog of games wasn’t a very big one the last time we checked. Before you head on, you should know that Nvidia limits free accounts to an hour per session, so it has its very own caveats.

The Competitiveness in Cloud Gaming Services and Its Benefits

And regardless of just how you feel about a subscription, I like the fact that it is becoming increasingly very easy to compare cloud gaming services and get to see which might deliver reliable streaming to your household. You could however try Amazon’s, Microsoft’s, and Nvidia’s offerings all in a single day right and directly on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, handheld, etc., and only have one trial subscription to cancel in the process if it’s not working out the way you wanted.

One thing you should know is that all of these services have their own weaknesses, so it’s a very good idea to try them all out before you decide on the one to buy.

The Difference with the Free and Paid Experience

You should however know that free plans of these services are not completely representative of the paid tier and experience, which as you can guess can be way much better, most especially in the case of Nvidia.



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