Snapchat Reportedly Testing Sponsored Links in its My AI Chatbot

Snapchat reportedly testing sponsored links in its My AI chatbot, the ChatGPT-powered chatbot of Snapchat will begin showing paid links that are relevant to a conversation on the platform.

Snapchat My AI Chatbot

Snapchat My AI Chatbot

Snap already has started experimenting with sponsored links in its My AI chatbot on the platform. The company during the NewFronts advertising event held on Tuesday announced that the bot will begin surfacing paid links that show relevance to a conversation.

Snap, for instance, stated that if you are using My AI to figure out what to have for dinner, the bot might get to suggest a sponsored link that will lead to a local restaurant or delivery app after initially responding. It might even surface links for an airline or a hotel if you’re chatting with My AI in regards to planning a trip.

Snapchat ChatGPT-Powered My AI Chatbot

Snapchat just recently revealed its own ChatGPT-powered My AI chatbot back in February, which can do things such as hold conversations, suggest AR filters, as well as even generating photos. And after releasing My AI exclusively to Snapchat Plus subscribers initially, the social media firm made it available to all of its 750 million monthly users in the month of April. Snap so far, has seen 2 million My AI conversations daily among its Snapchat Plus subscriber base.

My AI on Snap as you should know is much more limited in what it can talk about in contrast to ChatGPT, although, as Snap has trained the bot to avoid things that get to violate its community guidelines, such as swearing, sexually explicit content, violence, as well as politics. The company has stated that it will screen conversations for inappropriate content or abuse before My AI gets to display a sponsored link and that it will also consider the age of a user.

Snapchat Is Introducing Ads to Its Platform

And in addition to bringing ads to My AI, Snap has also announced that it is putting ads in Spotlight, which is the TikTok-like feed of the company that shows popular short-form videos that are posted to the platform. The ads in question will appear between posts as you get to scroll through the feed, very much like they do on TikTok and within Reels in Instagram. Snapchat also is giving advertisers on the platform a way to reserve the very first video ad that you see when opening the story of a friend.

The Main Reason behind Snap’s Move

The push of Snap into advertising comes as the social media firm looks to recover from a faltering stock price and layoffs. Just in the previous year, an internal memo that was obtained by The Verge’s Alex Heath showed that Snap CEO Evan Spiegel aims to increase the subscriber base of Snapchat to 450 million by the end of this year, while also boosting revenue to $6 billion in 2023 in the process. The release of My AI and a wider availability of ad placements could help the social media platform move closer to this very goal.



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