How to Password Protect Your Pictures on Snapchat

Are you interested in How to Password Protect Your Pictures on Snapchat? You might have hundreds of photos sitting in your Snapchat app and if someone were to get right into your phone, it would be relatively easy to open the app and look through those photos.

How to Password Protect Your Pictures on Snapchat

However, there are special folders within Snapchat that you can use to password-protect any of your photos. This feature goes by the name My Eyes only, and it can be accessed within the memories section of Snapchat. When someone tries to get into this folder, they would be required to enter a PIN in order for you to gain access to the contents.

Protect Your Pictures on Snapchat

It is actually very easy for you to enable and make use of this feature, which can be used to protect both your photos and videos on your Android and iOS – all you need is to create a strong PIN that can be accessed easily, as something like your birth year would likely be the first thing someone tries.

Once you put pictures and videos in the My Eyes-Only folder, they would get taken out from your main memories folder. This means the content can be viewed when you unlock the private folder.

How to Protect Snapchat Pictures using My Eyes Only

To start making use of My Eyes Only, you would be required to set up your Passcode. From that point on, you can choose to add photos or stories that you want to keep private. Be sure to make use of a PIN that you would not forget, Snapchat support cannot help you recover it, meaning that you would lose everything locked inside. To Begin a My Eyes Only Folder, you would need to be in possession of at least one photo saved to Memories or let Snapchat access your camera roll. In other to set up this content protection feature, follow the steps stated below.

  • First, launch the Snapchat and then tap the icon that features two squares located to the left of the photo button. Alternatively, swipe up on the camera screen to get to memories.
  • Tap and hold a Photos you want to protect, then tap the “More” option right on your menu if you are making use of an iPhone. When testing this method, we have discovered that the process is slightly different on Android devices: you instead have to tap the “Hide” button found on the menu, which would further trigger a prompt that asks whether you want to move the content to “My Eyes Only.”
  • Tap “Hide Snap (My Eyes Only)” when prompted on iPhone or “Move” when prompted on Android.
  • If you are yet to previously enable and set up the eyes-only protected folder, you would be prompted to do that before the content gets taken out. Tap “Quick Setup” when the prompt pops up.
  • You would be requested to create a passcode. You can choose to set a 4-digit PIN, or (if you are on iPhone), you can tap on “Use Passphrase” in other to make use of letters and numbers.
  • Tap the circle to accept the terms, and tap on “continue”

Once you are done, Tap “Finish” to create the PIN-Protected Privacy folder. All the images that you selected in step two would be moved to my eyes only automatically. You would be required to enter a PIN every time you tap on that folder before the content is visible.

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