Illegal Starlink Users in Zimbabwe Look for Ways to Hide Kits despite Its Ban

Illegal Starlink users in Zimbabwe look for ways to hide kits despite its ban. Despite the ban on Starlink in Zimbabwe, individuals in the country are reportedly finding innovative ways to circumvent the restrictions and continue using the satellite internet service.

Illegal Starlink Users in Zimbabwe

Illegal Starlink Users in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans are resorting to creative measures to continue using Starlink despite the government’s ban on the satellite internet service. Some individuals are disguising Starlink kits as common household items, such as outdoor lighting or solar panels, to avoid detection by authorities.

Facing high internet costs and limited options, people in Zimbabwe are turning to cheaper alternatives like Starlink, even though it’s illegal. One person interviewed shared that they assist others in concealing their Starlink kits by modifying them to resemble solar panels or streetlights.

These modified kits can operate without the need for a traditional indoor router, running on 12-volt DC instead.

Disguised Starlink Kits

While these disguised Starlink kits are gaining popularity in Zimbabwe, users and technicians remain concerned about potential legal consequences. It’s uncertain whether authorities are aware of this tactic or are waiting to respond.

The Starlink Ban in Zimbabwe

The Starlink ban in Zimbabwe has been ongoing for months, with the service labeled as unlicensed by the country’s telecom regulator, POTRAZ. In January 2024, POTRAZ warned of arrests for individuals and businesses using, distributing, or advertising Starlink equipment.

They announced plans for nationwide raids to identify and prosecute offenders, resulting in at least two arrests.

Despite these measures, individuals and businesses in Zimbabwe continue to use Starlink illegally. Similar bans on Starlink have been implemented in other countries like Ghana and Botswana.



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