Facebook Adds Option for United State Users to Turn Off Political Ads: Limit Facebook Political Ads

It is true, Facebook Adds Option for United State Users to Turn Off Political Ads. This option gives users a choice rather than the platform limiting political ads for every user. This option was given to users due to pressure from the United State Government. With the United States election just around the corner, Facebook released this feature as part of its response to the upcoming election. The social media is for real giving its users an opportunity to limit the number of political ads they see on the social media. Keep reading below for more information.

Facebook Adds Option for United State Users to Turn Off Political Ads

Facebook Adds Option for United State Users to Turn Off Political Ads

If as a Facebook user, you don’t like seeing ads or you are tired of seeing all kinds of political ads on your newsfeed, then this feature is for you to make use of. You do not have to be scared of anything as accessing and making use of this feature is free. In using this feature, you can limit most if not all political ads.

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It is said that the company would be launching a voting information center. The aim of this center is to encourage citizens to vote. This center will also be providing authoritative information about how to vote.

Facebook Political Ads

There are several political ads on Facebook right now. However, it is believed that some of these ads appear to encourage violence. In addition to that, it is said that the ads encourage the spread of false information about how to vote during the United States 2020 election. Some people actually appreciate Facebook for the rollout of the new feature that allows users to not only limit political ads but also social issue ads.

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Limit Facebook Political Ads

With the guide below, you should be able to successfully limit political ads on the Facebook platform. It is free both accessing and making use of this feature.

  • Launch the Facebook official app on your device once you’ve made sure your device is connected to an active data source.
  • Without wasting time, log in to your account by entering your login details into the login form.
  • Now, find and tap on the “Menu” icon then select the “Settings & Privacy” option.
  • Tap on “Settings” and then on “Ad Preferences”.
  • Next, tap on the “Hide Ad Topics” option and select the ad topic you want to hide.
  • Select the duration you want to hide the ad for and that is it.

The guide above is a complete guide to help you successfully limit ad topics on the platform.

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